Sleeping with makeup on? Healthy or bad? 

Sleeping with makeup on

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Women and makeup go a long way. Well, one cannot deny that these items of beautification can completely transform one’s look, making them look more resplendent and divine. However, going out with makeup might be a good idea, yet sleeping without removing your makeup is something which needs to be given a second thought. As per studies conducted by experts, sleeping with your makeup on can turn out to be heinous for your skin and beauty. Whether it was a long night party which turned into morning fun or the lethargy after a hectic day, which deprived you of the energy to get up and wash the face, the list can go a long way.

At some point in time, we all have fallen asleep while still having makeup on the face and let’s not get into a guilt trip about it. However, in this blog we have exclusively dealt on why sleeping with makeup on is not a good idea indeed:

How often have you heard people telling you to get rid of the tons of products which you have put on the face, and it has made you think, what can be wrong with it? Well, while we all know it is not exactly beneficial for our skin, but to know the gravity of how bad it can be, brace on to read the article-

Accelerates The Aging Process

The statement is supported by dermatologists that not removing makeup for a long time and going to sleep without washing your face can deter your skin. Here is what happens to your skin. Our skin comprises of pores that let it breathe freely. Additionally, when you apply makeup on your skin, it blocks the free flow of oxygen. The makeup on the face attracts free radicals from the air and this when left unwashed will eventually lead to breaking down of healthy collagen thereby accelerating the aging process. Thus, it will lead to development of fine lines and wrinkles on the skin making you look older than your age. 

Leads to Acne Problem

Your skin needs to breathe as well. And the heavy layer of makeup leads to clogging of pores which later on leads to breaking out the trapped oil into the skin. And this is the primary reason for development of acne and is accelerated due to bacteria formation. Hence, if you wish to keep your face clean of acne or oily skin, it is recommended to remove the foundation, contour and any kind of makeup you have applied on your face.

Skin lossening under your eyes

Now if you think, it is just the foundation, contour and other makeup which can lead to problem to your skin, then that’s not the only one affected. Even leaving your eye makeup undone can cause sagging of skin down your eyes as well as leave fine lines. Individual products like kajal, mascara or even liner when left neglected leads to the building of gunk on the skin. This can cause further trouble with eye infection and irritation. Hence, once back home, do not forget to get the eye makeup remover as well and wash them off to prevent any kind of infection. Additionally, failing to remove your mascara overnight can turn your lashes brittle as well as break them easily. And if you leave your artificial lashes on, it can lead to the development of small bumps inside the eyes.

Broken Lips

Putting on a good shade of lipstick will surely look cool, but what if they turn your lips dry and not so attractive? Sleeping with lipstick can lead to chapping as well as dryness of lips. In no time you will find the skin peeling off thereby disfiguring your lips.


While loads of makeup can surely make you look younger, yet leaving it unwashed can make you look much aged. The inability of the skin to breath oxygen will eventually lead to loosening of skin and clogging of pores thereby building wrinkles on the face.


Feel confident in your skin and love the natural beauty. Do not forget to use water and cotton blocks to cleanse your face off the makeup. Wash the makeup from your skin before sleeping and enjoy the natural glow of your skin. It will defintely make the world fall in love with your flawless beauty. So, next time you put your makeup on, ensure that you remove it before hitting the bed and going into a deep slumber.

Also, dont forget to opt for a mattress that is not only beneficial for your sleep but also for your skin.

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