Holiday Makeover Guide For Cozy Bedrooms
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Holiday Makeover Guide For Cozy Bedrooms

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The holiday season is just around the corner and various parts of the country will get ready to get rid of the past, welcome the future and have fun in celebration. The main part of meetings and greetings during the season takes place at homes. And since all of you will be wearing clothes and beaming divine light, please spend some time thinking about your home as well; don’t you think it’s worth a makeover too? It is really difficult to rework your entire home, but sometimes changing a few elements can give your home a refreshing look. The holiday season is a good reason to replace your old furniture. Old coffee tables, beds or even sofas can be exchanged for new options available in the market. Also, the vivid sale and offers allow you to shop for better options at discounted prices. So, let’s begin-

Keep the Bedroom Simple

Your bedroom should look either look comfortable & simple or sophisticated & elegant, regardless of what style of decor you choose. For ease of movement, leave a minimum of 3 ft between the bed and the side wall or large furniture and at least 2 ft between the bed and low furniture, such as a desk and dressing table. If you have to walk around the bed to get from the closet to the bathroom, think about how you can move the bed.

Complete your room with just enough that is required. A bed, one or two bedside tables, a dressing table and chairs are a necessity. If you have a room, put a chest of drawers in the cupboard.

Accessories must be kept to a minimum. Choose beautiful artwork, arrange some family photos, add indoor plants and candles, and voila, everything is sorted.

Also, as we promised here are few ways to give the best holiday makeover to your home-

Rearrange your bedroom furniture

The living room plays an important role during the holiday season. This is where you greet your guest, that’s where conversations usually occur. So it’s only natural that the living room, where you have a sofa and teapoy, should be redesigned to better suit the occasion. We advise you to place the sofa in the crowd so that you can have a relaxed and comfortable conversation.

1. Choose Bright Colors

Bedroom Tips

Use bright colors for home decoration during the holiday season. As Indians, we always find solace with celebratory colors that are a little brighter than the western color palette which is on the dull side. So, you can redo the wall or add one or two prominent antiques. You can even put rugs or curtains with an ethnic print that give your space a holiday spirit.

2. Be Very Specific About Lighting

Bedroom Tips

You have to be careful like a theatre production person when you have to decide on lighting when gathering for a special occasion like A Secret Santa Party. Light plays an important role in mood regulation, whether it is natural light or the shadow that we are talking about. In the morning, let natural light filter your window and create a relaxed and airy conversation environment. At night, some yellow lights create a comfortable and musical atmosphere. So, be particular about lighting during the holiday season.

3. Dress your walls

bedroom tips

Add a festive effect by adding a little quirkiness and excitement to your plain walls. Play with a color palette – paint one wall in a brighter color and another in a lighter tone to maintain balance. Wallpaper and wall decals are in vogue and are also a cheaper option. Style your walls with wall hangings, fairy lights, murals and paintings. Mirrors can also be added to beautify the walls. You can choose the antique or modern touch.

Let Your Bedroom Become a Real Vacation

Try to discipline yourself to keep your cellphone, computer, television, exercise machine, or blackberry out of your room. Create a valuable place to relax and renew. You will love to have a room dedicated to reading, sleeping, and romance.

A good way to do this is to make the most of your space and get rid of as much chaos as possible. You can even place a mattress on the floor and decorate the area around it with rugs, handmade stuff and fairy lights. This will make the room look bigger and get rid of a lot of clutter. Change your storage so that your cabinets and shelves hold more items, which mean you will have less to see.

With these points in mind, we hope you spun around your bedroom and dress it in the perfect holiday makeover. Do let us know how was your holiday season with these bedroom decor changes.

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