Dual Comfort Mattress


Medium Comfort

Perfect for Cuddly couples, toddlers and elders.


Spine Support

Starting Price: ₹4,399

Flip & Use

Flip & Use

SRTx Tech

SRTx Technology

PU Foam + Rebonded

PU Foam + Rebonded Foam


Dual Comfort

Starting Price: ₹4,599

Flip & Use

Flip & Use

SRTx Tech

SRTx Technology

PU Foam + Rebonded

PU Foam + HR Foam


Medium Firm Comfort

Doctor Recommended Mattress For Back Pain.


Back Support

Starting Price: ₹3,599

Natural Coir

Natural Coir

Flip & Use

Flip & Use

Orthopaedic Support

Orthopaedic Support

Expert craftsmanship for unbeatable comfort

Discover Why You’ll Sleep Your Best On An Sleep Spa Mattress


Happier Mornings

Comfortable 8 hours of sleep that makes you rejuvenated and energetic every morning.


Targeted Pressure Relief

Unique material construction to maximise support.


Temperature Regulation

Say bye to sweaty nights and enjoy deeper sleep.


Spinal Support

Designed to support your back and maintain the natural curve of the spine.


Great Sleep For Years To Come

Mattresses that last 30% longer than other offline and online mattresses in India.


Free Doorstep Delivery

No extra delivery charges or no doorstep delivery promise.

Sleep Spa Dual Comfort Mattress

Comfortable for all age groups

High Density Support Core for Long Lasting Durability

Budget friendly and value for money



Other Dual Comfort Mattress in India

Not designed for comfort at all

Lasts only 2 years

Only budget friendly without any value for money

FAQ's for Dual Comfort Mattress

A dual comfort mattress is a both side usuable mattress. It features different comfort levels on both sides of the mattress. One side of a dual comfort mattress would be soft while the other side would be firm. With one mattress, you get 2 comfort levels, which is what makes this a hot selling mattress online.

A dual comfort mattress can be made with different combinations. At Sleep Spa, our Coir dual comfort mattress starts from as low as Rs. 3,499 for a single size.

A dual comfort mattress is best suggested and used by couples. It helps in cases wherein one partner prefers a soft mattress while the other one prefer a firm mattress. You can easily flip and use the mattress as per your and your partner’s comfort level. It can even be used by single working professionals. They can use the mattress from the firm side on a tiring day or from the soft side for a comforting feel.

A dual comfort mattress works best for couples. You no longer have to fight about what mattress comfort level should you opt for. You can just a Sleep Spa dual comfort mattress and it will serve the purpose. It is like 2 mattresses in 1. Don’t believe us? Try it now.

A mattress can have various comfort levels ranging from Soft, Medium Soft, Medium, Medium Firm, Firm and Dual Comfort. There are not many mattress brands in the market or online which offer all these comfort level mattresses. But guess what? We do. You can choose from any comfort level above and we will have a mattress suitable for you.

The preferred bed size for couples is Queen size bed. If you have kids who sleep with you on your bed, we suggest you to opt for a King size mattress for maximum comfort.

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