Snooze Box Bed in Bag Mattress With Accessories

The conveniently packed ensemble is perfect for outfitting your bedroom, whether you are headed to college or looking to revamp your current bedroom. This exclusive bed in bag features 1 dual comfort mattress, 1 comforter, 1 waterproof mattress protector, 1 bedsheets with pillow covers and 2 pillows. Add a touch of simple and elegant style to your bedroom with this deluxe set.

Starts from MRP: 14,284 
Sale Price: 7,799

  • 78" x 60" x 5"
  • 78" x 72" x 5"


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Sleep peacefully with this amazingly comfortable bed in bag combo set. All products are made of hypoallergenic fabrics, offering soft and cozy touch you need for a good night’s sleep. Whether you are looking to relax under your covers with a good book, or simply doze off for the night, this bed in bag is perfect for your needs.

dual comfort mattress


A both-side usable dual comfort mattress and one can easily choose between the two sides of the mattress for sleeping as per his comfort needs of sleeping on a firm or or a soft surface.


The rubberized coir side can used during summers which keeps it cool and the PU foam side can be used during winters for a warm and plush feeling.


The spring construction is built so partners can sleep undisturbed, while reinforced corners ensure that you don’t roll off the edges


This technology helps in air circulation and thereby provides comfort to the body.

It's All About the Style!

Good sleep begins with this Sleep Spa Snooze Box Bed in Bag. This dual-sided foam mattress is designed to offer your body the proper support it needs to enjoy a restful sleep. It Allows In Adjusting Adequately With The Curvatures Of The Body Structure and relives back pain.


Your SNOOZE BOX – Bed In Bag includes:


bed in a bag combo mattress

A Dual Comfort HR Foam Mattress- 5 inch thick vaccum packed mattress that can be used on both sides and comes with soft comfort on one side and hard comfort on other side. Look of the mattress is premium and relaxing. It employs a ISO Certified upholstery and air circulation mechanism. A Quality Branded 100% Cotton Printed Bedsheet Employs the 100% Cotton High GSM Fabric which is machine washable and durable. A Quality Soft and Cozy AC Comforter Employs the 100% Cotton High GSM Fabric which is machine washable and durable. The super soft and light weight filling keeps it cosy and comfortable to snuggle in. The mattress has 3 years warranty. Please note there is no warranty on other accessories included in this box. Also, the colour of mattress protector, bedsheet, comforter etc. will be sent randomly.

A Quality Waterproof Cotton Terry Mattress ProtectorA great mattress protector that won’t absorb even a drop of water even if you splash it with a bucket full. It comes with elastic side walls to spread without wrinkles on your mattress. It does not change your mattress feel either.

2 Fluffy Vaccum Packed Fiber Pillows– Choose to cuddle or pillow fight with our ultra soft pillows.

Premium Quality Bedsheet with 2 Pillow Covers

1 Comfortable and Cozy Reversible Comforter

bed in bag

Why Snooze Box Bed in Bag?

ISO Approved Material: Coirfit COIRFIT Bed in a Bag employs only ISO certified material in the making.

Rolled Packed: The product comes vacuum packed in a mattress box and it is easy to move before installation in narrow hallways and staircases. Just unfold and place the mattress on your bed and open the packing of all your sleep accessories to see it blow up to its original size!

Hygeine and Safety: It is a hypoallergenic, dust- mite free, treated with antibacterial HERB FRESH Technology to avoid any germs, bacteria and viruses to touch it’s surface.It is a healthy mattress that promises much more than just a good night’s sleep.

Sleep Spa Snooze Box Bed in Bag is all that you need for a sound sleep. A quality product offered from the house of Coirfit Mattress. Coirfit is a reputed brand in the market today. It has a legacy of more than 35 years in the mattress business.

This dual comfort mattress or in much simpler words as we can say this one side firm and another side soft mattress is designed to cater to every individual’s personal sleeping needs. It is both sides usable mattresses and one can easily choose between the two sides of the mattress for sleeping as per his comfort needs of sleeping on a firm or a soft surface.

The products have anti-fungal and hypo-allergic properties keeping it hygienic to use all the time. 

Every Sleep Spa product is carefully built to deliver exceptional quality. Right from the materials used, to detailed quality checks, to thoughtful improvements, quality is at the core of everything we do. Sleep light and comfortable with this Snooze Box Bed in Bag.



Remove all mattress covering, pillow and other mattress toppers from the mattress before taking the measurement.


For length, measure from top to bottom, whereas for width, measure from one side to the other of the mattress.


Make sure all the measurements are taken in inches.

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