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Take The Below Sleep Quiz And Find The Best Mattress For You!

Which stage of life are you in?

Below 24

24-45 Adulting

45-60 Still adulting

>60 Older, cooler and wiser

Who's going to be sleeping on the mattress?

Just me and myself

Me and my partner

This one's for the kids

The occasional visitor

It's for my pawsome parents

What keeps you awake at night?

Annoying night sweats

Pain in the back, I tell you

My partner is a tosser and a turner

I am a tosser and a turner


What kind of mattress do you currently snooze on?

( select all applicable )

The good old cotton/coir mattress

The springy spring mattress

Just your average regular foam

The latest latex mattress

All about that memory foam, no coir

How firm or soft do you want your mattress to be?

Soft as a hotel bed

Medium soft

Medium firm & supportive

Absolutely Firm and Orthopedic

Why do you want to switch over to a new mattress?

( select all applicable )

The old one is all lumpy and worn out

I am getting married

Moving to a new place

Living my 'Kaun Banega Crorepati' life

Making healthier choices

What do you mostly use your mattress for?

( select all applicable )

Snooze, repeat, snooze, repeat

Netflix and chill

Work, work and work!

Something naughty and nice 😉

All of the above

Mask Group 5

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