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Medium Comfort

Perfect for Cuddly couples, toddlers and elders.

Buy mattress in India


Starting Price: ₹20,249

100% Natural Mattress

100% Natural Mattress

Pure latex Block

Pure latex Block

Bamboo Fabric Mattress

Bamboo Fabric

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Medium Firm Comfort

Supportive comfort with orthopaedic advantage.

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Starting Price: ₹6,299

Natural Mattress

Natural Mattress

Latex + Rebonded Foam

Latex + Rebonded Foam

Best Mattress in India

Premium Cotton Fabric

Expert craftsmanship for unbeatable comfort

Discover Why You’ll Sleep Your Best On An Sleep Spa Mattress

Best Mattress in India

Happier Mornings

Comfortable 8 hours of sleep that makes you rejuvenated and energetic every morning.

Best Mattress in India

Targeted Pressure Relief

Intelligent zonal science that works on the contours of the body.

Best Mattress in India

Temperature Regulation

Say bye to sweaty nights and enjoy deeper sleep.

Orthopaedic Mattress

Spinal Support

Designed to support your back and maintain the natural curve of the spine.

Buy mattress in India

Great Sleep For Years To Come

Mattresses that last 30% longer than other offline and online mattresses in India.

Free mattress delivery

Free Doorstep Delivery

No extra delivery charges or no doorstep delivery promise.

Sleep Spa Latex Mattress

Supportive for all age groups

A long term budget friendly solution that lasts long

Made from 100% natural Talalay Technology

Euro Latex, LGA, Oeko Tex, ISI, ISO, DAkkS, ISPF, IAF, ABC, SATRA, STORK certifications for naturalness and quality of latex



Other Latex Mattress in India

Not designed keeping in mind comfort, only cheap raw materials

Lasts only 3 years

Dunlop Technology

Hardly 2-3 certifications

FAQ's for Latex Mattress

A latex mattress is made of natural rubber plantations. It can be produced by 2 process-Talalay latex process or Dunlop latex process. At Sleep Spa, we only use Talalay latex process because it is makes the latex more resilient, hygienic, durable and natural than the Dunlop latex process.

That’s the best part about a natural latex mattress. It is resistant to bed bugs, bacteria, dust mites etc. If you opt for a chemically generated latex, then yes, you might face issue of bed bugs. But with Sleep Spa 100% natural latex layers, you do not have to worry about such petty issues.

A latex mattress provides comfort, support and bounicess, all in 1 single mattress. You do not have to worry about it will be comfortable or not, it will be suitable for my back pain or not, a latex mattress provides the right balance of comfort and support due to it’s natural tendency and features.

We offer upto 11 years warranty, depending on our latex mattress variant. However due to it’s natural properties and with good care, a latex mattress will be durable even after 20 long years.

We are so glad, we can bust this myth. A natural latex mattress can never sag. There are mattress brands that provide synthetic latex or mixed latex and these latex mattresses will sag. However, if you opt for a 100% natural latex layer, it will be amazingly durable.

Well, you can just count the benefits of a sleeping on a latex mattress as opposed to no cons for it. A latex mattress is healthy and more hygienic than other mattresses as it is naturally produced by us. We do not use any chemicals in the making. Thus, our latex mattress maintain it’s natural buyoncy and is supportive and comfortable.

The fact that it is made with natural products makes it one of most reliable mattresses ever. Latex mattress is made from a rubber tree. It has a natural springiness which provides you a comfortable sleep. These mattresses support your body throughout the night.

Yes, a latex mattress will remain same and provide same comfort as 1st day, even after 11 years of use. So, consider it a long term budget friendly solution to your sleep problems. You will not have to invest in a mattress every 3-4 years, 1 mattress serves all the purpose.

Best Latex Mattress in India | Sleep Spa Mattress

If a good night’s sleep seems like something you can only get when watching cooking shows at 2 o’ clock in the morning, you’ve come to the right place. Sleep Spa mattress has reimagined what it takes to create just the right recipe for a blissful and uninterrupted slumber with the help of our Indian team of scientists and designers. We believe if your mind rests well, then it will do its best thinking, which is why we are passionate about creating quality products at affordable prices for every Indian family.

Our latex mattress is designed so that your body gets the support it needs to maintain a healthy posture and get better sleep at night. In turn, this mattress is perfect for alleviating many health conditions like acidity and stress from the sleeper’s lifestyle and work pattern.

Natural Latex Mattress Online | Available @ Low Price

Our Latex Mattress is a customer favourite, and it’s not just because of its long-lasting springy cushion support. Its contour layer conforms to the curves of your body, making your spine feel fine at night.

 Your frame can sometimes get worn out from long days at work, so we take pride in our Latex Mattress being exceptionally crafted for most people’s back needs as well as their financial ones. We have a team that strives to do everything they can to help you live life to the fullest because we know how important it is for you! We offer an advanced zonal support technology which ultimately helps reduce back pain both during the day and while you sleep at night. Not only that, but the product’s fabric allows airflow while reducing overall temperature underneath your sheets, meaning enough restful sleep every night!

 Our latex mattress is made with natural rubber, which helps users relieve or alleviate pressure on the body. It helps align all the various parts of your body with optimum spinal alignment and provides a comfortable posture so you can wake up without feeling sore or stiff. Unlike other companies, we deliver organic latex mattresses at a budget friendly price.

 You might not realise it, but at a certain age, everyone is going to have joint pain. This may make it difficult for them to get out of bed in the morning and overall lower their quality of life. With this latex mattress in India, every Indian can continue with activities they love to do without beating themselves up unnecessarily. It’s never too late to start thinking about long-term care!

Our latex mattresses are tailored to suit all age groups and individuals, whether you need support for your lower back or want to relax without aches and pains. Sleep spa latex mattresses are designed to make your sleeping experience as good as it gets. Using natural rubber tree sap, there are no harmful chemicals because everything required to create these best latex mattresses comes from entirely renewable and environmentally safe sources. Other mattress brands may try to provide you with low-quality latex mattresses which are made cheaply and synthetically, but at Sleep Spa, we believe in integrity towards our consumers. Our latex mattresses are guaranteed to help you get to sleep and stay asleep.

A great new mattress can make all the difference in getting your long overdue rest! Purchase your new latex mattress online today and be sure to swing by tomorrow for some more health tips! SAFE AND SANITISED LATEX MATTRESS FROM THE COMFORT OF YOUR HOME.

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