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Spring Mattress


Soft Comfort

Hotel like comfort at home.


Pure Sleep Pocket Spring

Starting Price: ₹5,999

Hotel like comfort

Hotel like comfort

Pocket springs

Pocket springs

ISP tech.

ISP tech


Firm Comfort

Firmer spring unit for additional support.


Pure Sleep Bonnell Spring

Starting Price: ₹6,399



Bonnell Springs

Bonnell Springs

ISP tech.

ISP tech

Expert craftsmanship for unbeatable comfort

Discover Why You’ll Sleep Your Best On An Sleep Spa Mattress


Happier Mornings

Comfortable 8 hours of sleep that makes you rejuvenated and energetic every morning.


Zonal Pressure Relief

Intelligent zonal science that works on the contours of the body.


Temperature Regulation

Say bye to sweaty nights and enjoy deeper sleep.


Spinal Support

Designed to support your back and maintain the natural curve of the spine.


Great Sleep For Years To Come

Mattresses that last 30% longer than other offline and online mattresses in India.


Free Doorstep Delivery

No extra delivery charges or no doorstep delivery promise.

Sleep Spa Spring Mattress


More Durable

Temperature regulating features



Other Spring Mattress in India

Poor Support

Hardly lasts for 1 year

Sleeps hot

FAQ's for Spring Mattress

Spring mattresses are bouncy and are a kid’s favourite choice because they can jump on it happily. If you do not face back pain, then yes you can opt for a spring mattress. However, if you have even sligh back pain or body pain everyday, opt for a hybrid spring mattress.

You must have heard it a million times in different situations-“It depends”. It depends completely on your comfort preference, body weight, age, sleeping pattern, sleeping position. However, our sleep experts can help you decide whether a spring mattress will be a good choice for you or not. Ping us at +91-9837058451 (Whatsapp Available) or mail us at [email protected] and we will help you out.

A spring mattress is made with a durable high frequency bonnell/spring structure in the middle. It is then covered with foam on both side of the spring structure. In case of a Sleep Spa Mattress, it is then covered with PU foam quilting, to make it more comfortable.

When you sit on a spring mattress, the spring structure holds your body and pushes your weight back to support you. The springs in the mattress distribute weight evenly throughout the surface of the bed, so you feel less pressure in certain areas.

You can opt from our available spring mattress thickness-6″, 8″ or 10″. If you want customised thickness more than 10″, the same be manufactured as well. However, thickness of a mattress depends highly on your bed frame. You can share us a picture of your bed frame on +91-9837058451 (Whatsapp) and we can help you out in this regard.

In a bonnell spring mattress, the springs used are nakes and are not covered with any fabric. In a pocket spring mattress, the springs are covered with a beathable fabric. This makes a pocket spring mattress soft in comfort whereas a bonnell spring mattress firm.

In India, there are many types of spring mattresses available. You can either opt for a soft spring mattress or a firm spring mattress depending on the comfort level you prefer. Sleep Spa offers both these options along with some vivid options of a hybrid spring mattress that you can choose from.

In a hotel, you will generally find a soft pocket spring mattress. To enjoy hotel like feel at home, you can opt for our Sleep Spa Pure Sleep Pocket Spring mattress and enjoy a vacation in the comfort of your home.






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