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Considering to buy a mattress protector online but not sure what will work best for you? There are a number of mattress protectors online, so how do you know which is the right one for your needs? Introducing Sleep Spa’s waterproof mattress protectors. It is available in 3 colours-Maroon, Beige and White and is available in all popular sizes, including king size, queen size, and custom sizes. This mattress protector online is the solution to all of your problems involving spills and stains.

Our high quality, hypoallergenic and antibacterial mattress cover is designed with added features: five size elastic coverage, TPU lamina, 200 GSM+ cotton terry material. This prevents the cover from shifting around or from bunching up on itself. This mattress protector’s soft fabric is breathable and keeps your body cool even during hot months.

Why Sleep Spa has the best waterproof mattress protector for bedwetting?

A waterproof design ensures that no fluid would ever reach the mattress, enhancing its hygiene, durability and freshness. So, whether it’s you who loves eating on the bed or your kids spilling things accidentally, our waterproof mattress cover can endure any mishap. Yes! It really is true! Our specially designed TPU material is 100% resistant to fluids. This means that even the ones that come from a nosebleed or seasonal allergies can’t penetrate our waterproof protector.

What’s more, it also guarantees breathability – something usually sacrificed when one decides to get a mattress protector. This makes our waterproof also easy-to-clean. While you are unlikely to have particularly messy eaters in your house , you may benefit greatly from something that won’t let liquids through when things might happen unavoidably with children around.

Our mattress protectors are scientifically designed to give your mattress the ultimate protection against fluids, dust mites and other allergens. This luxury cotton mattress protector is made for both comfort and protection. The dual-layer defence shield keeps your mattress looking dapper and feeling rejuvenated without compromising on softness or comfort!

Our waterproof mattress protectors are perfect for keeping your child’s mattress clean and fresh without compromising on comfort! These amazing protectors provide optimal temperature control, perfect sleep and comfort all night long. It will also last much longer than other protectors which crack after a few hours of use. These stretchy, five-sided mattresses are easy to put on and take off while fitting snugly over your little one’s bedding. The gentle cotton fibres are hypoallergenic and naturally antibacterial to keep your baby healthy and happy!

For those who want to maintain good sleep hygiene and keep their beds warm, cool, and dry at night, it’s important to have protection between you and your mattress so why compromise quality just to save money when there are cheaper alternatives? Sleep Spa mattress protectors protect your mattress investment in many ways!

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