Sleep Spa Comfort Therapy Fibre Pillow

We created the Comfort Therapy pillow because our certified mattresses and +34 years of experience proved to us that fibre is the best material for Indian sleepers. More supportive than old-fashioned feather pillows, the Comfort Therapy pillow is made with microfibres that provide rebound to perfectly support your head.


  • Maintains it bounce for a long period of time
  • Anti Dustmite
  • Molds and Mildew Resistant
  • Completely Free of harsh smelling chemicals

For a blissful sleep, go for Sleepspa Comfort Therapy Fibre Pillow.

MRP: 699 
Sale Price: 249

  • 40 cm x 60 cm


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Why Sleep Spa Fibre Pillow?


Sleep Spa Comfort Therapy Fibre Pillow comes with a superior satin-stripe fabric covering along with elegant piping on the sides for a classy look. The pillow promises both quality and comfort. It also gives a graceful and modern look to your bedroom. The fiber pillow comes compressed in a small package and is ideal for travel in this form.

What makes this pillow highly-coveted is its unique shape. It lets you sleep peacefully owing to its high-quality microfibers, and is fashioned to adjust to the shape of your head and support your neck for your ultimate comfort. The hollow conjugate fibre filling inside the pillow is three-dimensional in nature, thus lending it excellent loft and bounce which remain uncompromised over multiple uses.

Our +31 years of pillow manufacturing experience and state of the art facilities ensure you will get a great value on a premium product that will last for many, many years. With its fluffiness, you can be sure of long sleep and feel well-rested in the morning.

Durability, softness, and a perfect balance between firm and plush have been imparted with the help of Polyester fibre filling. The washable outer cover makes this pillow sweat absorbent and well ventilated.  The pillows have been thoroughly tested for allergens and are certified chemical-free. Sleep Spa Comfort Therapy Fibre Pillow is the ultimate pillow regardless of your favorite sleeping position.

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