Sleep Spa Memory Foam Mattress With Oeko Tex Certification

Sleep Spa brings to you a premium air medium firm memory foam mattress with open-cell structure HR Foam as base support, at a price you never thought was possible. The mattress has been specifically formulted to react to the sleeper’s body, optimizing airflow. This is 30% more supportive than regular memory foam mattresses in the market. The comfortable memory foam surface promotes restful slumber. It reduces motion trasnfer to let two people sleep side-by-side without disturbing each other. The open cell structure cool gel memory foam layer combined with orthopaedic base HR Foam targets pressure points to help prevent waking with up an achy back. Get the best night’s sleep every night thanks to this memory foam mattress that offers cradling support while keeping you cool throughout the night so you can sleep deeper and better.

-NASA Technology

-Zipper Cover Fabric

-Vacuum Compressed Mattress

-Smallest Mattress-in-a-Box Packing in India

-11 Years Warranty

-Medium Firm Comfort

Starts from MRP: 7,913 
Sale Price: 4,452

  • Double
  • King
  • Queen
  • Single
  • 72" x 36"
  • 72" x 48"
  • 72" x 60"
  • 72" x 72"
  • 75" x 30"
  • 75" x 36"
  • 75" x 48"
  • 75" x 60"
  • 75" x 72"
  • 78" x 30"
  • 78" x 36"
  • 78" x 48"
  • 78" x 60"
  • 78" x 72"
  • 5"
  • 6"
  • 8"


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A Memory Foam Mattress That Breaks All Barriers!

A mattress that combines NASA memory foam with cool gel memory foam to repel body heat and provide complete heat to toe support resulting in well-rested sleep. Tailored to your body’s unique sleeping needs, the mattress is great for all types of sleepers. The foam configuration is designed to impart round-the-clock comfort to your body.


It keeps your mattress cool, provides a comfortable surface to sleep on and relieves pressure. The mattress is environmental friendly and is suitable for all age types.

memory foam mattress


Provides pain-free and restful sleep. It eliminates the creation of any kind of pressure points on the body enhancing your comfort.


The rubberized coir side can used during summers which keeps it cool and the PU foam side can be used during winters for a warm and plush feeling.


It prevents allergies and provides a health and a hygienic atmosphere to live in.

Meet The Revolutionary Oeko-Tex Certified Mattress

The ergonomic design keeps your back, leg, and knee in ideal alignment while sleeping. The breathable zipper cover ensures that the mattress does not get warm and is machine washable for easy cleaning. Built to minimize overnight tossing and turning, the mattress is crafted from next-generation foams that improve airflow. Furthermore, the cool gel particles in this memory foam mattress are permanent and will continue to move heat away from your body. So, whether it is winters or summers, your body will be able to relax in the perfect body temperature require for sleep.


What is Sleep Spa Memory Foam Mattress made of? Sleep Spa Oeko Tex Memory Foam Mattress features a cool open cell structure Memory foam that is airy and cool. The Cool Memory Foam layer keeps your body cool with maximum airflow. It is followed by a responsive body-contouring memory foam layer that provides body-hugging comfort–each part of your body gets the comfort just as it requires. The third layer is of an open-cell structure HR foam transition layer.

It makes for an easy inflow and outflow of air between the base orthopedic HR foam and the top memory foam layers. This unique configuration proffers optimum level comfort while adjusting to a temperature that surrounds it. This mattress is encased in an OEKO TEX CERTIFIED PREMIUM COTTON FABRIC. Wondering How does it WORK? We devised this mattress to provide a 7-8 hour complete cool sleep. An average Indian needs around 8-hour sleep to feel rejuvenated.

When you are well-rested and energized each morning, you perform better at work, enjoy more hours of family life, and make more memories! This mattress plays a vital role in raising the standards of your living by being the purr-fect mattress! So, what are you waiting for? Invest in this supportive mattress now.



Remove all mattress covering, pillow and other mattress toppers from the mattress before taking the measurement.


For length, measure from top to bottom, whereas for width, measure from one side to the other of the mattress.


Make sure all the measurements are taken in inches.

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