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7 Reasons Why You Should Sleep on a Natural Latex Mattress


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It is a well-known fact that we sleep better on a quality mattress. If you’re looking for a quality mattress then you need to try out a natural latex mattress. But what are the reasons why you should sleep on a natural latex mattress? This blog explains this in detail.

Long hours at a desk job with little to no rest during work hours and doing the multiple household chores makes you feel restless. With such a tired body, you tend to get disturbed and uncomfortable sleep. Natural latex mattress is the most comfortable back-care mattress to give your body a stress-free undisturbed sleep.

Latex Mattress is made from the milk-like sap of the rubber tree and is then converted into a sheet during the process of making the organic mattress.


1. Comfortable for Your Back

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Natural latex mattress offers the best lumbar support as it gives a cushiony comfort and support to the body from all sides. Once your body is at rest, the mattress automatically takes the shape of your spine and gives the perfect alignment to it. For a pain-relief and stress-free sleep it is vital that your neck and body are in the right shape and posture.

A low-quality sagging mattress disturbs your shoulders and neck. You toss & turn the whole night to find the correct body support for a 7-hours of peaceful sleep. Latex gives the optimum firmness to your body. As the body gets support throughout your sleep hours, there is no issue of nerve stretch or pain on shoulders and spine areas. Sleepspa Natural Latex mattress is made from premium knitted fabric and organic latex which keeps the mattress fresh and environment friendly.

2. Organic and Hygienic

As it is made naturally, i.e., without any chemicals the mattress is free from bugs and bacteria. For people with skin allergies or respiratory problems, a latex mattress is the best option. Its hypoallergenic features restrict the settling of dust on the mattress and keeps you free from respiratory issues.

A foul smell around the chemical infused mattress affects the sleep environment and you wake up at night due to the uneasy feeling around your bed. This eco-friendly latex mattress keeps fungus away and offers freshness during the night.

3. Durability

Natural Latex Mattress

The firmness of the natural latex keeps the mattress in its original form for years. The natural foam acts as a catalyst to maintain the natural shape and prevents the mattress from sagging and sinking for 7 years.

4. Automatic Temperature Regulation

The mattress’s natural features keep it cold during the winter season by allowing the movement of air in and out of the mattress and keeps it fresh during sleep. Whereas in winters, the natural latex mattress keeps you warm and cosy so you sleep undisturbed.

5. Orthopaedic Comfort

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Rather than too much of sagging or too much of firmness, the natural latex mattress gives the exact amount of support as much your body gives pressure to it. It contours to the shape of the body and gives pressure point relief.

People with spondylitis or cervical issues, after reference with their doctor may shift to a natural mattress for an overall sleep comfort.

6. Minimum Maintenance

As it is crafted naturally, there is neither any issue of off-gassing nor there is any worry of settling of too much dust or growth of microbes in and around the mattress. A weekly or 15-days routine clean-up of the mattress will bring it back to its original comfort and freshness. Moreover, unlike the other mattress, a little spill on the mattress will not dampen it.

7. Zero-Partner Disturbance

Couple Mattress

Its natural comfort and firmness, allows you to sleep undisturbed. The toss & turn of your partner will bring less pressure on the mattress and there will be no sagging or jerk of the foam which will disturb your sleep hours.

Too firm or a too soft mattress makes the body stiff or uncomfortable and you experience a little twist or pressure on your body when you change sides or your sleep posture. This motion isolation Sleepspa 7 zone latex mattress offers an advanced spring construction to the mattress making it bouncy and assuring that you don’t roll down to the edges of the mattress.

Hopefully by now you’ve realized how important sleeping on a high-quality mattress is for your health! A good night’s sleep is vital to your brain functioning properly and for your body to recuperate and get healthy. If you’re in the market for a new mattress, we invite you to look into latex mattress options. They are made from natural materials that are eco-friendly and healthy for your body. A good latex mattress will feel very firm at first, but after a few nights of sleeping on it, it will adjust to your body’s shape, making it feel like a soft cloud. Try it out! You can find more information on our natural latex mattresses at ___.

We hope you enjoyed our post about 7 reasons why you should sleep on a natural latex mattress. Latex is a natural and sustainable material that provides both comfort and support. Investing in your sleep means investing in your mental and physical well-being. At Sleep Spa, all you have to do is tell us your sleep problems and we will offer the best option of the mattress that would match with your body time and sleep issues. If you would like more information about how latex can help you sleep better, give us a call at +91-9536313111. We will be happy to assist you with any questions you might have.

For more, visit our website: https://www.sleepspa.in/

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