Become a Morning Person – 5 Pro Tips Inside
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Become a Morning Person – 5 Pro Tips Inside


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Are you looking for ideas and ways to wake up early in the morning and get into a habit of healthy eating and reading the newspaper and doing some power exercise for a rejuvenated day and a blissful start but have failed every time you thought about it? Don’t worry, you are not alone in this. Hectic works schedule or real-time life issues are a common problem these days causing stress during sleep and making your lazy early morning.

The best way of becoming a morning person and giving time to yourself is to practice certain things on a daily basis, making it a part of a daily routine and converting it into a long-term habit. Try these simple tips that would help you to become a morning Person:

Be realistic and make easy morning time-table

Morning Routine with healthy sleep

Don’t over estimate yourself. Start from scratch, if you wake up at 9am then start it from setting an alarm of 8:45am and then of 8:00am and so on, it you reach your goal. Don’t take it as a strict rule, try to take it easy and ignore days when you are not able to wake up on your expected time.

Your inner system and metabolism have adapted to a certain time and hence it will take few days to settle to your expected time and star enjoying those morning bliss.

Write Down Your Problems Before Bed-time

Do not sleep with the problem, keep a diary near your bed and write all your problems and worries on it and don’t take it with yourself on bed. It gives stress and anxiety and you are not able to sleep peaceful leading to disturbance in the morning and all-night your mind was fighting with the issues and was trying to find a solution for it.

1. Just wake up and Hit-the Gym

It has worked for a lot of people; they don’t give space to think and snooze the alarm. Just get and wear those training shoes and go out for a work and exercise on that bright morning. Always try to keep small task for the morning like cleaning of the room, giving 15 minutes to yoga or anything which does not requires much of your brain. Slowly your body would adapt and you would be on the rode of that sassy morning person who hits the gym and is active for the day.

2. Choose a peaceful and healthy sleep environment

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While many of us ignore the fact that your sleep environment and sleep bed play a very important role in managing your sleep quality and morning routine. Sleeping on a chemical unfused mattress that has a problem of off-gassing makes it difficult to sleep and leads to serious respiratory issues like sneezing and coughing at night.

Look for mattress that is made from natural, for example an aloe vera infused mattress that is made at home and it keeps you free from respiratory issues. Moreover, you would enjoy the comfortable sleep bed which would contour to the shape of your body and gives you freedom to fall asleep quickly at your desired posture.

3. Eat Light and Healthy at Night

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Eating a lot of carbohydrates or fats just before the bed or at dinner time makes you lazy. Either have your dinner before 7pm or cut down your dinner portion and add more vegies and cereals to it. This would not make you feel heavy during bed time and you won’t sleep like a panda till late in the morning. Being a morning person is not that easy, it requires a lit bit of balanced lifestyle and punctual daily routine and then eventually you would see that waking up early was not that difficult.

Everything takes a lit bit of time and your effort. Trying doing brisk walk after dinner or read before bed so that you naturally feel tired and sleep and your mind would atomically go at a rest mode. It is not important that you practice all these 5 habits to become a morning person, you can choose any one that best suits your life style and practise it for 21 days and you would yourself see a change in your daily routine.

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