Best Mattress for Monsoon Season
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Best Mattress for Monsoon Season


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Monsoon season is known for its being moist and sticky because of the humidity in the atmosphere. Though the rains make it cosy and comfortable and break from warm sunny afternoons, humidity makes it really difficult. Like the temperature outside, your body also sweats a lot and makes you feel sticky and uncomfortable.

Basic mattress absorbs the humidity and makes your mattress sticky and a little damp causing disturbance in sleep and you toss & turn the whole night to find that perfect spot where you don’t feel uncomfortable. So, have you thought about it this monsoon season?

Avoid Sweat and Uncomfortable Sleep Hours with Sleep Spa

best mattress for the monsoon season

To find the best mattress for the monsoon season, you need to make the following check-list before investing in a good monsoon mattress:

  1. Automatic Temperature Regulation: The spring attached and the 3D cell structure inside the mattress allows the air to circulate inside the mattress, i.e., the air flows to and the mattress and keeps the mattress cold and comfortable for sleep. This does not make the mattress damp as even during the humid times.

Moreover, the advanced cell structure allows proper ventilation and keeps the mattress free from the smell of dampness.

  1. Hypoallergenic: The hot and humid temperature outside increases the chances of growth of dust mites and fungus around the mattress. Cheap quality mattresses are mostly chemical infused that invite fungus and bacteria around the mattress especially during the monsoon season causing respiratory problems like cough and cold.

Sleepspa mattress are made from herb-fresh technology keeping the sleep environment healthy and free from mites and bacteria

  1. Naturally Made: Latex Mattress and Aloe Vera infused mattress are eco-friendly as they are made naturally and do not have the issue of off-gassing or become unusually warm and sweaty. During monsoon your body is already sticky, so you need something that makes your body comfortable for sleep.
  1. Enhances Sleep Quality: During monsoon season, you feel even more hot and irritated and look for a peaceful sleep hour. Before buying a new mattress make sure that it has back and body support features so that you may sleep on your desired posture without worrying about any pain and discomfort during the morning.
  1. Premium Quality Fabric: It is not just the foam that makes the best mattress but also the quality of fabric used on top that improves the sleep quality and gives you the desired comfort. At sleepspa, every mattress has a premium quality cotton fabric that keeps the mattress fresh and avoids the growth of bugs around it.

Nature Rest Aloe Vera Fabric Pillowtop Memory Foam Mattress

Nature Rest AloeveraMattress

To beat the heat and humidity of the monsoon season, Sleepspa Aloe Vera infused mattress is the best mattress for monsoon season. Infused with aloevera, fabric on top of the mattress it eliminates the possibility of absorbing humidity and your mattress remains dry and fresh all year long. Sleep benefits it offers are:

  • The extra padding and bouncy touch of the mattress gives you a stress-free sleep.
  • The foam contours to the shape of the body and aligns with the body posture and shape.
  • Aloe vera has a natural healing property and cool-gel makes it the best summer and monsoon mattress
  • The knitted Jacquard fabric is soft and elastic and gives a cushion support to the body.
Best Soft Mattress in India

While it may not be easy to invest on an all-together new mattress only for the monsoon season, you may also look for a mattress protector. It is scientifically designed to give your mattress the ultimate protection against fluids, dust mites and other allergens.

Sleepspa Mattress Protector provides an optimal sleep temperature and keeps it cool throughout the day. As it is easy to remove and wash, you can easily remove and get it washed whenever you feel a little damp or moist on top of it.

Look for the best mattress for the monsoon season and avoid those smelly beds and bugs that grow around your bed during rainy seasons.

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