Buying a Customised Mattress in India
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Buying a Customised Mattress in India


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Is your body feeling restless when you wake up? Do you feel lazy and irritated the whole day due to disturbed sleep hours and uncomfortable bed? Then it is time to change that uneven mattress which you have been ignoring all these days.

People generally ignore the quality of mattress they sleep on. However, it is important to note that mattress type and its quality has a vital role to play in your sleep quality and sleep hours. While many of us are hesitant to invest so much on a mattress, buying a customized mattress as per your sleep needs is always the best option.

What is a Customised Mattress?

Customised mattresses are those wherein the seller/manufacturer would build in a new mattress according to your need, requirements and other sleep issues. You can get a customised mattress shape, size, thickness and other elements customised as per your sleep requirement and other factors.

People with arthritis or spinal issues are generally recommended a specific thickness of mattress which is not easily available at a normal store. In such cases, you would adjust with a mattress which is near/close to your needs. But the mattress won’t be perfect as per your sleep needs. This will adversely affect your health and sleep hours. So why do you have to adjust when at Sleep Spa you have an option to talk to our sleep experts. With Sleep Spa, you can easily get a customized mattress which suits your needs.

Customised mattress in Indai

Benefits of Sleeping on a Customised Mattress

1. Avoid Serious Back and Body Pain

Back pain is a serious problem nowadays because most people have a desk job which involves zero to no movement during the day. Once you are back home, sleeping on an uneven mattress that does not suit your body type triggers the problem.

Explore the option of getting a customized mattress as per your body type and need. Talk to our sleep experts, explain to them your sleep issues and you will get the mattress of exact firmness and width. With such a perfectly crafted mattress, you can sleep in your desired posture without worrying of pain and discomfort.

But how would you know that your current mattress is the root cause of all your sleep problems? These are some signals that you need to change your mattress and get it customized-

  • It does not contour to the shape of your body
  • Coldness or numbness at your shoulder or spine
  • Muscles or joint pain when your wake up from sleep

If these are the signs, then take it seriously and think about it. However, if the issue persists, then visit a doctor for further assistance.

2. Get the Shape and Size As Per Your Need

You might want to shuffle up your room and change the setting and structure of your home interior. But the issue is, from where will you get the mattress that matches the round bed in your room? This is where Sleep Spa comes in. With Sleep Spa, you have an option to get the shape and size of the mattress customized as per your wish.

Once you are ready to purchase a new mattress, you can simply call our sleep expert on +19-9837058451 and get all the details about your dream mattress.

Mattress Guide

3. Get Desired Comfort During Sleep

Customized mattress gives you the option to split your mattress, i.e., choose the preference of firmness, foam type, etc and get it built differently as per your sleep needs.

This will help you to sleep with your loved ones without worrying about discomfort during sleep and body pain once you wake up. While you adjust with the mattress, you are not free to sleep in your desired posture and have to keep tossing & turning the whole night to find that right support. But why not opt for a mattress that adjusts to you and not the other way round?

Moreover, this toss & turn not only disturbs you but also the other person. So, when you are tossing and turning, the whole mattress seems to move along which disturbs your better half.

Zero-Partner Disturbance is something that we all need. Combined with customization, Sleepspa offers motion isolation features so that you sleep undisturbed without worrying about the movement of your partner.

Zero Partner Disturbance Sleep

4. Productive and Relaxing Life

Team Sleep Spa promises to make your sleep environment healthy and fresh. Each Sleep Spa mattress is sanitized with Herb-Fresh Technology which eliminates the growth of microbes and fungus around the mattress. It reduces the scope of easy prey to respiratory problems like could and cough while you sleep. Moreover, you have an option to infuse your mattress with natural healing properties as mentioned below-

  • Latex Mattress: It is harvested from rubber trees and suitable for people with spinal and arthritis issues. Latex keeps the mattress cool and relieves pressure points so that you wake up rejuvenated. You can get a customised latex mattress as per your body requirements.
  • Aloe Infused Mattress: Aloe Vera is known for its nourishing and healing elements that is good for your connective tissue, muscle regeneration and skin rejuvenation. Aloe Infused Memory Foam mattress is a perfect combination to go for if you opt to customize your mattress

Best memory Foam Mattress in India

While a 7-hours of undisturbed sleep is must for good health throughout the day, make sure that your bed has an optimum thickness and firmness to handle your body weight. Sagging and sinking of the mattress makes it lose comfort, thus disturbing your sleep. Choose from the wide range of foams and mattress types and buy the perfect customised mattress for your sleep.

Order your customised mattress today at Sleep Spa:

Best mattress in india

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