Difference Between Queen Size Bed and King Size Bed
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Difference Between Queen Size Bed and King Size Bed


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The most common question you will come across when you will go for either bed shopping or a mattress shopping is “King size or Queen Size?” or “single bed or double bed?” and you are confused which one to choose.

If you are confused and not to decide your cot and mattress size, then here we are, to solve the hassle inside your brain and help you to choose the best bed and mattress for your room.

Dimension and Size Makes the Real Difference

The real game between King Size Bed v Queen Size Bed is their dimension which makes things confusing. King Size Bed/Mattress comes with the dimension of 76-inch width, i.e., around 6ft and 4inches and length of approximately 80 inch which means that a person of around 7 feet can easily accommodate in a King Size Bed

Whereas a queen size bed is 5 ft in width (60inch) but is same in length as that of the king size bed. Either of the options are good for you, both can accommodate a couple. But what factors you need to consider when choosing the cot size and mattress size for your bed?


Focus on these basic criteria and then you are good to go for Cot/Mattress Shopping.

Which Size will be best for you and your Sleep?

While both King Size Bed and Queen Size Bed is a great option, consider these factors when finalizing one for yourself:

1. Do You Have a Sleep Partner?

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If you like sleeping alone or do not share bed with someone, then go for a queen size bed. Even some couples want to cuddle and sleep compact, they can also go for the same.

But if you are your partner need a little space while they sleep and want to just spread and relax, then King Size bed is made for you.

2. Your Sleep Position and Body Weight

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You body weight and size and you sleep position is the most important factor when deciding your bed. If both or either of you are tall or a little on the heavier side, it is preferred to go for a King Size Bed so that you don’t have to adjust while you sleep.

With Sleepspa mattress you have an option to customize the firmness and layer of the mattress and get it built as per your body type and weight. Moreover, you are getting your bed customized as per your need then also you can get the mattress customized as per the size of the bed.

Additionally, for those you move or spread all-over-the bed when they, it is good to choose a King size bed so that you are free and get ample space for a good-night sleep.

3. Size of Your Room

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In a small room a king-size bed would make it over-crowded and difficult to walk around. So, if the room is small, go for a queen size bed. Try to keep around 24 to 25inch of extra space in your room after you keep the bed.

If your bedroom is spacious, then if you have no other plans of keep other furniture in the room or make a floor set-up to sit and a study space; then choose a King-size bed and have a Netflix and chill time with your partner.

4. Budget

Whatever be your sleep preference or your expectations for your room, nothing can cross the area of what your budget is. Plan according to your budget, look for brans that offer better at a best cost. No doubt King size bed is a little costly but it can accommodate you, your partner and the toddler or be convenient during a sleep over with cousins and friends. However, you can’t skip the cosy and comfy night on a queen size bed.

Look for cheap and best options and paid it with spine friendly Sleepspa mattress so that your night is stress free and cosy.

Other factors like Transportation, shifting issues if you live at a rented apartment, are some minor considerations which can be avoided when investing so much on a bed that is surely a long-term sleep investment.

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