How to Make Sure You Stay Cool on Your Latex Mattress?
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How to Make Sure You Stay Cool on Your Latex Mattress?


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A quick guide as to how a latex mattress can be your best sleep companion. Read through the end to know it all.

Excessive heat and sweat while sleeping has an adverse effect on your peaceful and sound sleep. Low-quality mattresses generate heat which breaks your continuity of sleep. You wake up abruptly and then finding that same deep sound sleep is not possible.

Having an automatic temperature regulated mattress is very important. So as per the outside temperature, the cells of the foam respond and remain cool and comfortable all night. When you try to save money and buy a cheap mattress, you have to toss & turn to keep shifting from the excess warmth which causes irritation.

Have a Cold Sleep Environment

Research says that it is important to have a slightly cold sleep temperature, i.e., around 60-70 degrees. While those living in the upper floors of the building can use AC or Fan during summers to regulate the temperature; it is not possible for all to spend so much.

Ways to Keep your Sleep Temperature Cool

There are ample ways that you can try and experiment with to keep your sleep environment cool and pleasant to have an undisturbed sound sleep. Here are some of the ways-

  1. Mattress Protector: Go for a premium quality mattress protector preferably of cotton terry, which is absolutely comfortable, soft and enhances the sleep quality. Sleep Spa Cotton Terry Waterproof Mattress Protector is made of breathable cool fabric. It allows fresh air to pass through which avoids any excess heat during sleep hours.

Mattress Protector

  1. Keep Yourself Hydrated: Drink more and more water all-day long. Always have a water bottle beside your bed so that you can drink whenever you feel a bit uneasy.
  1. Change your Pillow: Overheating around the face and head is far more irritating and disturbing that on the lower-body. Some people use a pillow for the neck while others hug a pillow and sleep. But in this way their nose is in direct contact with the pillow. A low-quality pillow might cause heating and lead to respiratory issues. So, go for Sleep Spa Dream Contour Talalay Latex Pillow that has unique air chambers. This increases airflow for a cool night’s sleep.

Contour talalay latex pillow

  1. Wear Light Clothes: Try to have minimal or light weight clothes when you go to sleep. Wearing heavy and thick clothes sometimes is a cause of heat and sweat at night.
  1. Keep your Pulses Cold: Those having serious sleep issues due to heating and warm temperature should try an ice bag. They can even keep an ice bottle with them at night. It can be placed in the pulse area which can make the whole-body temperature cool.

Is Your Mattress Causing a Problem?

Have you tried all the above methods/ways of keeping your night cool and cosy? But, after all said and done, are you still not finding a probable one-time solution to the issues of overheating and sweating at night?

Can it be because of your mattress? Do you face the problem of sweating and feeling a bit too warm at night? If the answer to this is yes, then we think it is time to change your poor-quality mattress which does not allow air to circulate. The mattress generates heat in your body causing sweat and respiratory issues. Natural Latex Mattress is popularly known to have cooling properties which allow air to pass between your body and the mattress. This keeps you cool all night and you wake up active and fresh.

What makes Sleep Spa Latex Mattress a viable choice?

Latex Mattress

Traditional inner-spring and memory foam mattresses can cause excess heat due to the material used.

Sleep Spa Latex Mattresses are designed in a manner that allows air to flow. It keeps the mattress cool. Latex gets its properties while it is being developed naturally from the sap of rubber. Thus, it is free from chemicals and polymers. Latex Mattress with bamboo cover has an open-cell structure of natural latex. It is combined with the luxurious bamboo fabric which keeps your mattress cool and enhances air circulation. Other than these, it has following features:

  • Automatic Temperature Regulation: The 3D cell-structure inside the mattress allows the mattress to keep cool in summers and gives a plush and warm feeling during winters. It is neutral enough to keep it free from overheating.
  • Zero-Partner disturbance: It offers support to the back and body from all four sides. You can sleep in your desired posture without worrying about any partner disturbance.
  • Hypoallergenic: Latex is a natural product and you don’t have to worry about its result. Its organic features eliminate the growth of dust-mites and avoid any respiratory issue. For those who have an issue of running nose, cough or cold; then Sleep Spa Latex mattress is made for you.

As the mattress is made naturally, it is synthetic and chemical free which causes the mattress. If the latex was made with chemicals, it would lose its original properties after a year or two. This will cause sleep disturbance and will make it impossible to sleep peaceful at night. Buy Sleep Spa Organica Natural Latex Mattress and wake up active and rejuvenated. Get an added benefit of:

Natural latex Mattress

  • 100 Nights Trials
  • Get 7 to 11 years of warranty depending upon the latex mattress you choose
  • 100% Natural comfort
  • Uncompromising Sleep Comfort
  • Free from Dust-mite
  • Made from Herb-Fresh Technology
  • Environment Friendly
  • Support from all sides of the mattress

Invest in Good Sleep Now with a Latex Mattress

Having a proper sleep should be your priority. Due to the fast-changing world, we spend almost all day over laptop/mobile. But you still need 8-hours of undisturbed sleep to wake up with full-energy and good mood.

Latex Mattress

Do not sleep on that chemically infused mattress. It is just causing heat and sweat all night which makes it impossible to have a continuous sleep. Change your old mattress today and buy a Sleep Spa temperature regulated mattress. If you are not able to choose  a mattress for yourself, talk to our sleep experts. Mattress shopping is an investment and you have to be clear as to what you are buying.

Buy a latex mattress today, visit:

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