Is a 100 nights trial on a mattress worth it?
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Is a 100 nights trial on a mattress worth it?

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All you need to know about Sleep Spa 30 and 100 nights trial.

We are living in the world of online shopping with varied options. And with so many choices, comes confusion as to which product to buy that would best suit your requirement. Buying edibles and normal day-to-day products is easy as you can still try and test the brands. But when it comes to buying a comfortable and health-friendly mattress for your bedroom, then it requires detailed verification and you cannot be sure of its result without trying it.

Hence, to make your mattress shopping stress free and effortless we at SleepSpa offer 100 Nights Free Trial on the mattress you choose. Our objective behind the offer is to build confidence amongst our customers so that they get a good sleep environment without worrying about their investment. However, many of us wonder whether a 100 nights trial on a mattress is worth it? So, here we are bringing before you the benefits of opting for a mattress with 100 nights trial.

1. Make sure there is a legit trial period before you buy our mattress

30 Nights Trial Mattress

It is not possible to finalize the mattress type and be assured of the quality without trying it yourself. Local brands and many other online mattress brands offer a maximum of 30 days trial which makes it difficult to know the real comfort and drawback of the mattress. Sleep Spa makes your selection process easy with 100 Nights and 30 Nights trial on selected models. And if the mattress still does not suit your desired comfort, then we have a hassle free 100% refund policy.

2. Find the Right Comfort

More than half of our life is spent on resting and sleeping on the bed. So, there cannot be any compromise on the quality of sleep. Your sleep quality has a direct impact on your work quality and household tasks. Hence, it is important that there is maximum comfort with the mattress with no pressure on your back and you sleep undisturbed.

It takes a month to know whether the spring is causing back pain or the foam type is affecting your back and shoulder. So, take your time and decide in 100 nights and if your are not able to find the right comfort then we’ll assure a simple and easy return.

3. Understand all conditions of the trial period

Latex mattress

To value the trust of our customers, Sleep Spa has taken the extra effort of giving 30 nights and 100 nights trial benefits so that none of our customers get disappointed after their shopping with our brand. However, our policy is subjected to certain guidelines, so that the offer is not misused and we continue with the scheme. Mattress won’t be exchanged in cases where:

  •  A physical damage is done to the mattress by the customer, i.e., thread is open or there is a cut on the mattress causing damage to the foam or the premium quality fabric used in making the mattress.
  • Leakage, spill, dirt or marks if found on the mattress while our team does quality check during return; sadly, the scheme won’t apply on the damaged mattress. Some amount will be reimbursed for the damage during the refund.
  • Before you buy a mattress, it is advisable to carefully measure the size of your bed to order the right size as having the wrong mattress size won’t be a reason to return the mattress. Our team would help you in measuring your bed, so there won’t be any difficulty.
  • Any wrongful use of the mattress such as putting it on high temperature, or exposing it to water, etc. would not approve return from our team.

4. Swap your mattress with the new one

In case you bought the wrong mattress and want to switch to a different one, then you have time to get it exchanged easily with a minimal shipping and logistic charges that varies with size and weight of the mattress.

5. Term & Conditions to avail 30/100 Nights Trial Offer

100 Nights trial mattress

We do not want to fool our customers and therefore keep our scheme crystal clear with simple and easy to understand T&C of the offer:

  • Your Free Night Trial will start from the day your mattress is delivered and even in a case of mattress swap, days would be counted when the 1st mattress was delivered.
  • Offer is applicable only on standard mattress size and not on customized sizes.
  • You’ll get full-refund with the time period, however, the cost of any freebies offered with the mattress would be deducted.
  • Return is subjected to conditions mentioned in Point (c) above
  • Offer is applicable only when bought from
  • 100 Nights trial is applicable once per year/per household.
  • Within 15 days of approval of your return request, your return would be picked-up and your refund would be processed.

Do not worry, returning after 100 nights is very unlikely as we offer the best and as per the request and need of our customers. We give our 100% in making the mattress so that the best is offered to every client.

You can also Call/WhatsApp on +91-9837058451 and get assistance in choosing the best mattress online for your home.

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