How Is Sleep Spa Latex Mattress Better Than Other Brands
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How Is Sleep Spa Latex Mattress Better Than Other Brands

Latex Mattress

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If you are not yet used a Latex mattress, it is high time to try one for your home and feel the natural benefit of a Latex mattress. Use of synthetic materials or chemical infused mattresses have an adverse effect on the sleep quality and sleep environment. It is advisable to go for a mattress that offers natural sleep benefits and improves body posture.

While there are many brands that offer latex mattresses, you might get confused in its quality. Some are in hybrid form, i.e., mixture of natural ingredients and chemicals, while some just have a thin layer of latex. Natural Latex manufacturing involves different processes starting with harvesting of the Rubber sap. A layman might not understand the process and technology involved and what would be best for his sleep.

What is the Latex Mattress Manufacturing Process?

Latex is harvested from the sap of rubber trees. The sap then goes through a consistent process. It is poured into a mould and baked so that the Latex takes the shape of a mattress or a pillow. The latex is manufactured through 2 different methods- Dunlop or Talalay.

So, before you buy a natural latex mattress, here are few things that you should know about a Sleep Spa Latex mattress that makes it better from other brands like Sunday Rest, Sleepy cat, Springtek etc.

Benefits of A Sleep Spa Latex Mattress

1. 100% Natural

Sleep Spa team believes in 100% natural latex mattress manufacturing process. Hence, we make sure that there is no use of chemicals or synthetic material in the mattress. It also prevents any sagging issue, even after a period of time. Nirvana 100% Pure Latex 7 Zone Mattress with Bamboo Cover is one of the best Latex mattresses. It has 100% organic and pure latex harvested from the Rubber sap.

Use of latex keeps the mattress environment friendly, thus keeping it fresh and free from the growth of microbes. There is no use of harsh chemicals that can cause bad-odour or growth of flies in and around your mattress.

2. Made from Talalay technology

Latex mattresses can be made via 2 manufacturing processes- Dunlop or Talalay. Dunlop is the traditional method of manufacturing a latex mattress with a dense process. Hence, Dunlop latex is generally used for the base as it provides lower support as compared to Talalay latex mattresses.

At Sleepspa, our team chooses Talalay latex technology wherein the oxygen is removed from the sap before it undergoes the process of being moulded and baked. This results in a fluffy, light and a uniform consistency in making of the foam. It is used in the top layer or to make the complete mattress to make it comfortable and healthy for the body and back. Also, in Talalay latex technology, the mattress is rigorously washed and cleaned after the manufacturing. This makes a Talalay latex mattress more hygienic than the Dunlop latex process.

3. Comfortable

We all look for optimal support and comfort in our mattress. One of the major reasons to go for a new one is that your sleep quality is getting disturbed. Latex mattresses are organic and offer natural sleep comfort. It provides the correct alignment to your body during sleep. So, you do not have to worry about any sleep-related discomfort.

Pure Latex Mattress

Sleepspa latex mattress is divided into 7 different firm zones which provides soft support to your upper back, pelvic area and helps in spinal alignment. For the lumbar area, the mattress provides firm support which helps in relieving tension and lowers back pain. The mattress provides pressure relief from all sides and to the contours of your body.

You are free to sleep in your desired posture, without worrying about pain and disturbance that it would cause the next day. A wrong mattress may affect your work life and you might stay gloomy all day. Hence, be aware before you buy a mattress online.

4. No-disturbance Night

Mattresses that are made with Motion Isolation feature make sure that you have Zero-partner disturbance sleep. A low-quality mattress sags and bends whenever you take turns sleeping or plan to work on the bed. This leads to a sudden jerk on back, joints, shoulder, etc. and can cause serious body pain.

Back-Pain, cervical and shoulder pain are few of the common issues that are at rise among people due to desk job or house work. Any small jerk can trigger your pain and disturb the sleep. Hence, Sleep Spa makes sure that your sleep is the best time of the day and you want to stay there longer.

5. Durability and an Impressive Life-Span

Sleep Spa Latex mattresses offer long-time comfort and life. This is due to no usage of synthetic or chemicals that can diffuse foul odour and disturb our sleep. As the mattress is made from 100% organic latex and has premium knitted fabric cover, Sleep Spa offers 7-11 years of warranty on it’s latex mattresses with easy return and exchange policy.

What makes Sleespa different from other brands is the option of 100 Nights Trials. This gives you an option to avoid buying a mattress that does not match with the description. If your body is not able to align with the mattress, you can even get it exchanged from the Sleep Spa team.

6. Hygiene and Allergy Free

Sleep Spa mattresses are made from Herb-Fresh technology which assures that there is no growth of Microbes like bed-bugs, bacteria, dust-mites, etc.

People with respiratory issues have a tough time in a chemical infused mattress. In such mattresses, there are issues like off-gassing and odour after a period of time which might cause running nose or cough during sleep. A Sleep Spa latex mattress is environment friendly and it keeps your sleep area fresh and safe without any worries of dust-mites.

7. 3D Air Circulation

It is important that your mattress does not overheat and causes sweat when you sleep. Sleepspa Latex mattresses have automatic air circulation which maintains the optimal sleep temperature. Thus, it avoids any issues of over-heating or sweat.

Latex Mattress

The open-cell structure in the latex mattress allows air to circulate without any hindrance and the advanced technology allows it to keep a neutral temperature.

So, what are you thinking? End 2020 with a good investment. Have a good time when you go for mattress shopping to avail exciting offers and discounts.

You can also Call/WhatsApp on +91-9837058451 and get assistance in choosing the best mattress online for your home.

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