7 Must-Haves For For A Easy & Healthy Diwali 2020 Celebrations
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7 Must-Haves For Easy & Healthy Diwali 2020 Celebrations


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Diwali is close and so is the celebration time. You must be both confused and excited as to how to go ahead with the Diwali 2020 celebrations. This year’s party and get-togethers won’t be the same due to the spread of Coronavirus. There are many people who assure maximum hygiene and safety wherever they go.

So, if you are planning to invite your family or friends to your home for Diwali celebration, it can’t just be food and games. You have to make sure that whatever your buy or use is sanitized and cleaned to let people feel free and cosy in every corner of your home.

Here are the few products that you may buy this festive season and let your guests be comfortable and enjoy without any worries.

1. Waterproof Mattress protector

Mattress protector is the perfect solution for sanitized and clean Diwali 2020 celebrations. While your guest would expect maximum hygiene, you too want to have a clean and safe festive feel. Sleepspa Mattress protector allows maximum breathability and prevents exposure to dust mites and other potential allergens, fluids, bacteria, etc.

It is made from Zero-Microbe technology which keeps the protector and the mattress fresh all year long. It is easy to wash and clean stains as it is easily removable due to elastic coverage on all sides. Further benefits of Sleep Spa mattress protector is-

  • Change the protector without worrying of dust and stain on your mattress
  • Quick wash and dry process
  • Hypoallergenic with breathable fabric
  • Noiseless & Soft
  • 200+ GSM Fabric
  • Pure Cotton Terry withTPU Lamina
  • Five Sided Protection to the mattress/Mattress topper.

Waterproof Mattress protector

2. Buy Duo Sofa cum bed

Festival is all about parties and get-togethers. You need to have a lot of sitting space which is comfortable. While before COVID, you could borrow furniture and bedding from places, it will not be safe this time, to avoid the possibility of getting infected.

Coirfit Sofa-cum-bed is a one-stop product that takes minimum space and provides maximum value. It can be used in various ways, like a bed, mattress, sofa, lounger, mini sofa, etc. So, when you need to chill, it can be changed to a ed within seconds. It is ridiculously good looking and effortlessly charming. Its happy vibe is likely to attract a lot of smiles and repeat visits from friends and family members. It offers the following benefits:

  • Made from premium knitted fabric
  • Sanitized and Eco-fresh
  • No issue of growth of microbes and dust
  • Multiple use in one
  • Available in 5 colours-Grey, Black, Beige, Brown and Maroon

Sofa Cum Bed

3. Air-purifying Indoor plants

Make Diwali 2020 celebrations different, unique, and fresh. Keeping indoor plants is in trend and the majority of people are choosing it as a viable option. Decorating homes with plastic lights, hanging curtains and flowers is no more in trend. Also, it easily attracts dust and other particles. To purchase new ones, you have to go to a messy shopping place that is overcrowded and not safe. And you will be exposed to dust and viruses.

Make a list of all your favourite plants which are colourful and useful for decoration purposes. Buy multi-colour flower pots or pots that would match your wall colour and brighten your home for a festive feel. It would add amazing benefits of:

  • Keeping home fresh and pure
  • Eco-friendly environment
  • You can nurture them yourself without any outside help.

Indoor Plants

4. Pure 100% Natural Mattress

Mattress buying is a big-time investment. Most of us try to save a lot of money by buying from a lower mattress brand. But guess what, we end-up in loss due to the sagging and dust mite issue in the mattress. Mattresses absorb a lot of dust and mites that can cause serious health issues, especially to those with respiratory problems.

Respiratory issues are a serious concern and it may lead to cough, cold, breathing problems and many more. Go for One-time big investment by buying a Sleep Spa 100% natural latex mattress that will be durable for more than even it’s 11 year warranty. It lets you enjoy proper air-circulation which keeps the mattress cool and your sleep environment healthy. Get following benefits with Sleep Spa 100% latex mattress-

  • No growth of Microbes, dust mites, bacteria, etc.
  • Air-circulation which keeps your mattress cold and fresh.
  • Well Sanitized

Natural Latex Mattress

5. Sanitized Mattress Topper

If you do not wish to change your mattress this year or are running short on budget for buying a long-lasting healthy mattress, you can go for a Sleepspa memory foam mattress topper. Sleep Spa mattress toppers are budget-friendly and will help you to remain free from the contact of dust or virus.

All you have to do is just put it on your old mattress. It will instantly add extra comfort and freshness with it’s bamboo fabric and inside configuration. Before your guest comes, you can put the mattress topper on top of your current mattress. Once the guests, leave you can remove the topper and let it rest in an empty room where any scope of virus would die.


6. Burn Diya, Eliminate Crackers

Cracker factories employ young children and exploit them by paying less with more work. Pledge to not go buy crackers this year and just light Diyas. Buying crackers would also mean going out and getting in contact with a lot of people, exposing yourself to viruses and dust.

Diya helps you to freshen up and bring a lot more positivity and good vibes. Plastic lights and crackers would lead to air pollution/sound pollution. They have an adverse effect on human health, especially on the respiratory system. So, say no to crackers and enjoy some peaceful time with your family, this Diwali.

Diwali Diya

7. Buy healthy and Nutrition-full snacks

Packed foods have preservatives and added flavours which reduce the nutrition benefit of the food. Our current set-up requires a lot of immunity boosters in our body which would keep us free from health issues or growth of respiratory issues.

You can prepare healthy aloo papad at home and add some salty and spicy spices with it to make a good evening snack.

Dry Fruits

To invest in good sleep and healthy lifestyle this Diwali, check out our sanitized and comfortable mattresses: www.sleepspa.in.

You can also Call/WhatsApp on +91-9837058451 and get assistance in choosing the best mattress online for your home.

Buy today from Sleepspa and Get exciting Diwali offers and cashback.

You can also Call/WhatsApp on +91-9837058451 and get assistance in choosing the best mattress online for your home.

Best mattress in india

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