4 Difference Between Springtek Mattress & Sleep Spa Mattress
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Springtek Mattress or Sleep Spa Mattress? Let’s Decide.

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Dear Readers,

This is not a promotional blog but a complete awareness generating blog about the major 4 differences between Sleep Spa and Springtek Mattress. The series also covers a detailed comparison between Sleep Spa & numerous online mattress brands in India.

With the emergence of e-commerce and hence online marketing, things have now become easy and manageable. We are now able to avoid the long queues, crowded shops, busy streets, and heat strokes. However, what always pops up in our mind is: Is it really safe to order essentials that require physical verification? Answer to this varies from product to product. It depends on the brand value and past experience. It helps in buying a product online especially when it comes to buying a Mattress.

Buying a Mattress is now easy and convenient due to Online Shopping. Online shopping just requires your vigilance and a detailed research. However, we don’t know which mattress brand to go for. This is due to the wide variety of options available. Hence you need to look for the following criteria at while buying a mattress online-

  1. Quality of foam used
  2. Years of experience
  3. Customer review
  4. Return and exchange policy
  5. Marketplace where the Mattress brand is listed
  6. Discount 

4 Differences Between Springtek Mattress, Sleep Spa Mattress or other mattress brands.

Here we are with the list of differences between Sleepspa, Springtek mattress, and other mattress brands online. It will help you in making an informed decision. So, are you ready to choose the right mattress for good sleep?

1. Trial Period

To built trust, many mattress brands are offering trial periods on mattresses. They portray a very customer-friendly policy at first. But only after purchase, you realize the actual policy details. Sleep Spa offers trial periods on it it’s various mattresses. However, it is not a marketing gimmick like other brands. Our policies are transparent, clear, and mentioned to the consumer before purchase. We believe in extending our support to all buyers, not scare them. This ensures that we offer full-satisfaction to buyer’s and the scope of being deceived is zero.

springtek mattress vs sleep spa mattress trial period

People are often confused between the different types of mattresses and end-up buying an inferior quality. Whether you purchase a Sleep Spa mattress or a Springtek mattress, a free night trial will help in making an informed and practical decision. Buying a mattress is an investment and you can’t afford to lose your sleep over it.

2. Dual Comfort Mattress

Your partner might prefer a firm mattress. But, you want a soft mattress. And yet, feel cozy and sleep together. To avoid such issues, we offer dual comfort mattresses. These mattresses can be used from both sides. With 34 years of experience and up to 15 years of warranty, our team offers a complete package of profit-buying and long-time comfort.

springtek mattress vs sleep spa mattress reviews

3. 24*7 Online Technical Support and Customer Service

Sleepspa team is always ready to offer support to those who have already bought the mattress and those looking for a good quality comfortable mattress. We offer-

  • Assistance in mattress measurement and knowing the right mattress size
  • Knowing your desired comfort and suggesting the correct mattress for you
  • Guidance for return and exchange
  • Sending in the smallest mattress box for easy delivery 
  • Mattress with Zip cover to clean when required
sleep spa mattress reviews springtek

4. Anti-Fungal and Anti-Bacterial Mattress

In the wake of growing concern over hygiene, cleanliness, health priority, and staying fit; Sleep Spa offers Anti-fungal and Anti-bacterial Mattress. Sleep Spa sanitizes each mattress with Herb Fresh Technology. These mattresses provide healthy and undisturbed sleep. Pioneer of Aloe vera Fabric, each mattress is designed to offer perfect spine support. But more than than that, it eliminates the scope of cough, cold, and breathing issues. You wake up fresh and rejuvenated without any ache and dizziness.

The research and development team of Sleepspa keeps on trying different quality measures, fabric, and foam to build the perfect customized mattress. These mattresses are made as per the demand of customers and meet your day to day needs.

There can be many reasons to compare Sleep Spa mattresses with other mattress brands. The reasons and demands can be endless. But we want you to understand which brand is able to match your standards, your comfort, and your needs.

Best mattress in india sleep spa mattress

For more details, visit: www.sleepspa.in/

You can also Call/Whatsapp on +91-9837058451 and get assistance in choosing the right mattress.

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