Do Latex Mattresses Sag? The Truth is Out Now.
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Do latex mattresses sag?

Do latex mattresses sag

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Is a latex mattress sag resistant?’ Wondering whether it is a myth or fact? Let’s find out.

While buying a mattress, we make sure that the mattress is durable. It should not sag for at least 5 to 7 years. However, it turns out that your mattress starts to sag after a couple of years. And the warranty period is also over now. To avoid such issues, many people have decided to buy a Latex Mattress. They believe that it won’t sag in the near future.

Do latex mattresses sag?

It is true that even a Latex Mattress sags. However, it is as fresh as a new one up to 10 years. So don’t worry, your latex mattress is not going to sag any time soon. A chemical infused mattress will off-gas toxic chemicals. However, a latex mattress will oxidize only after more than 10 years of use.

And did you know? 100% Organic Latex Mattress of Sleep Spa comes with an open-cell structure. This keeps your mattress temperature regulated all year long. It is known for its durability, elasticity, anti-bacterial property. A natural latex mattress gets these properties from the sap of the rubber tree which helps in maintaining the bounciness. 

To maintain flexibility and a cloud-like sensation, the mattress is free of chemicals and polymers unlike the other latex mattresses in India. A Sleep Spa latex mattress is famous for regulating the temperature of the mattress. The temperature is auto-adjusted according to the season and thus brings relief to your body. 

What Impacts the Sag Factor of Latex Mattress?

A synthetic latex mattress can never outrun a natural latex mattress. But it is not just the mattress composition. There are other things that Sleep Spa considers before we launched our natural latex mattress range. We take these factors into account-

  1. Construction: 7 zone sleep system in Nirvana 100% Natural latex mattress keeps the mattress flexible and free from motion transfer. Before you buy a latex mattress, check the certification and mattress construction to ensure durability. All our latex mattresses are Euro-Latex, ISO, ISI, ISPF, IAF & DAkkS certified.
  2. Temperature Regulation: Our latex mattress is designed with a special open-cell structure. This eliminates disturbance due to overheating at the night. 
  3. Healthy sleep Environment: Each Sleep Spa latex mattress is built with organic mattress fabrics like Bamboo fabric, icy cool fabric. This helps you to maintain a healthy sleep environment. It’s anti-bacterial and anti-dust mite property gives you an undisturbed sleep. 
  4. Latex Quality: Our special natural latex is harvested from a rubber tree. It is further developed with the help of Talalay technology. Many users are confused between whether they should opt for Talalay latex mattress or a Dunlop latex mattress. A talalay latex technology goes through more stringent steps to make sure the latex is absolutely pure. You can know more about Talalay Latex Vs. Dunlop latex here. This will assure you that Sleep Spa offers high-quality mattresses which keeps it free from sagging.

So, if you are wondering time has come that you switch to Latex mattress, we are with you. Free yourself from changing your mattress every 4 to 5 years. Yes, the cost is high. But think about it as a ‘Long Term Budget-friendly solution’ to your sleep problems. You do not have to spend every 4 years changing a mattress. It is not required that you invest in a mattress every 4 years. Just invest in the right mattress once.

Order Today our 100% Latex Mattress with 100 Free Nights Trial to assure that we offer nothing but the best.

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