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Step by Step Mattress Care Tips Revealed!

Mattress Care Tips

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On average, any person sleeps for about 7 to 8 hours which implies a significant amount of time spent on the sleeping mattress. As evident, the quality and hygiene of the mattress play a notable role in inducing quality and deep sleep. It’s only with proper sleep that you wake up refreshed and energetic to tackle the pressure of the day with renewed vigour, energy, and enthusiasm. 

Despite this fact, we barely pay attention to the mattress and its maintenance. However, if you look after it well and maintain it properly; it will not only enhance the sleep quality but would also make the mattresses last much longer. Let’s check out some mattress care tips, both old and new. Read on:

Mattress Care Tip 1- Start with the right foot

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Installing the mattress and its foundation is the first and foremost care you can take of your mattress, especially if it is new. You can ask for the store personnel to install it for you or follow all its instructions to the tee and install it yourself. The mattress gets highly vulnerable to damage and even tear if it is not installed properly. Therefore it is always suggested to use the mattress on a flat surface. A Sleep Spa Mattress can be used on a diwan, bed, floor or any flat surface in your home. To narrow it down, it is also important to order the correct mattress size. A small or a big mattress, that does not fit the bed properly might be prone to sag issues.

Mattress Care Tip 2- Provide good support

Another key factor to look into is ensuring good support for the mattress. This helps prevent any unexpected wear and tear and even sagging over time. The bed frame must be sturdy and robust. The centre of the bed must have adequate support. In absence of it, the mattress would bow at the centre when you sleep on it. It would not only make your sleep uncomfortable but would also break and damage the mattress. Hence, proper support for the mattress is a must. 

Mattress Care Tip 3- Cover it up 

Waterproof mattress protector

A good quality and washable mattress cover is a quintessential part of mattress care. Spills and stains seriously compromise the integrity of the mattress fabric, foam, and all its other components. A good mattress cover protects the mattress from accumulating, any stains, damage due to liquid spills and even protection against moisture, dust, and allergens. You can enjoy a fresh mattress for years to come. 

It is best to choose a breathable, and liquid-proof mattress cover that you can wash periodically. It will keep your mattress fresh for years to come as well as offer comfortable sleep. 

Mattress Care Tip 4- Clean the mattress

Despite using a mattress cover, you just clean the mattress periodically to eliminate all dust and allergen buildup. You must always let the mattress breathe so that microorganisms and bed bug cannot thrive on it due to dust and allergen buildup. Vacuuming the mattress once every three to four months is a good idea. Above all, you must read the mattress manual and follow its cleaning and protection instructions to the tee. 

Most user manual comes with instructions on how to clean any spills and stains from the mattress if required. All stains, spills, etc. should be treated as directed. Any treatment done on it must be dried completely before the cover is put back on it. 

Mattress Care Tip 5- Flip and spin the mattress

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Rotating the mattress end-to-end and even flipping it if permissible will help the mattress settle out and wear out evenly. Not all mattress requires it but the step is strongly recommended. Periodic flip and spin counteract the normal settling of the mattress which is a natural outcome of the body weight being placed on a compressible surface. 

Few manufacturers recommend flipping and spinning initially for the even settling of the new mattress but later it can be done monthly to keep it comfortable and even. 

Mattress Care Tip 6- Air your mattress 

It is a good habit to let your mattress breathe and possibly enjoy some sun on a daily basis. This allows the body moisture to evaporate out of the mattress and keep it fresh. It also kills any bedbugs or other allergens that might be thriving on the mattress and thus helps it last much longer. 

Mattress Care Tip 7- Ban all bouncing on the mattress

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Children and pets often jump around on the mattress for fun and play.  However, this seriously compromises the integrity of the mattress and it is likely to get damaged and break down faster. The inner construction of the mattress and the foam gets broken due to the rough treatment of jumping. 

Likewise, one should not sit on the edges of the mattress as it can cause unnecessary strain that leads to damage. 

Wrapping Up

The lifespan of a mattress is determined by plenty of things but following its maintenance and best mattress cleaning tips increase its lifespan and comfort index a notch higher. 

If you have some other mattress care tips to share, do let us know in the comments below.

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