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Sleep Spa Vs. Flo Mattress

Sleep Spa Vs. Flo Mattress

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Dear Readers,

This is not a promotional blog but a complete awareness generating blog about the major differences between Sleep Spa and Flo mattress brands in India.

Buying mattress online has become just as hectic as ordering a normal pizza. You have to decide the right brand, the type of mattress, budget, the mattress look etc. Well, that’s just the basic. Then you have to measure the bed, determine the mattress dimensions and share it with your trusted mattress brand. It becomes an eccentric chain of tasks, especially when you don’t have the correct guidance from any mattress firm’s support team. Never the less, we suggest you to invest in a mattress only after you have thoroughly checked the mattress brand’s background as well.

In our last article, we compared Sleep Spa Mattress with Wakefit Mattress. Next, up on the block we have Flo Mattress, a relatively new mattress brand in India with the same aim as many other mattress brands in town. Let’s dig in deep and understand the major differences between your Sleep Spa mattress and a Flo Mattress.

1. More than 31 years of experience

Sleep Spa Vs. Flo Mattress 31 Year Exp.

With just few months into the business, Flo Mattress claims to provide the best in class products along with world-class customer support. At Sleep Spa, we have been working on enabling people to dream luxuriously since 1986. With more than 31 years of experience, analysing an individual’s sleep behaviour and their preferences have been deep brooded in our soul. Therefore we understand that every sleeper cannot sleep comfortably on the same mattress. Different sleepers have different body needs and sleep behaviour. For many, a latex mattress might be suitable but for others, memory foam mattress might be more comfortable.  

2. Transparent Relationship


We are one of the best mattress brands in India not just because of our products but also because we believe in building relationships with our customers. We have worked our way up to the industry by supporting customers when they needed us the most. Right from choosing the best mattress for lower back pain to helping them deal with a faulty product, our extensive team of relationship management has made sure that no customer is left unanswered and unsatisfied. 

3. Certified Comfort


Sleep doesn’t come in easy but to get great sleep, you need to trust in one of the many mattress brands in India. And which one to pick is a hassle in itself. Every brand has futuristic products that are made to proffer utmost comfort to the end user. More than 95% of Sleep Spa customers love their custom made mattress and do not want to part with it. For them, their Sleep Spa mattress is the most comfortable mattress they have ever slept on and not sleeping on it makes them crazy.

4. Built for the Indian Spine

Each product has an individual feature and is different from the other one due it’s unique configuration. However, each of this mattress has been designed keeping in mind an Indian sleeper’s quest for the perfect mattress. Our research and development team does not only cater to the latest advancements in the sleep industry but they have got each mattress configuration and foam tested by various Indian spines to make sure that Sleep Spa products are only a haven of support.

5. +3000 reviews

Sleep Spa Vs. Flo Mattress - Built for the Indian Spine = Reviews

With our roots stretching on leading e-commerce portals like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Paytm etc., our relationship with our customers has become even stronger and they have cherished us with love in the form of positive reviews and feedbacks from time to time. 

6. Pioneers of the Aloe Vera Fabric

First ones in the Indian market to launch a revolutionary memory foam mattress with Aloe Vera Fabric, the product got an immense response from the consumers. Imported specially from the fabric city of the world-Belgium, the niche product was soon available in the market in the form of ‘first-copies’ (as everyone says). Termed as Flo Ergo mattress and Flo Ortho mattress, the mattresses are a representation of Nature’s wonder plant, Aloe Vera and Sleep Spa’s innovative concept. But a first will always be special and not to mention the best one. 

Of course, your mind might ponder onto the fact that is all this actually true? Is Sleep Spa Mattress really my sleep saviour? Why don’t you give us a call on 1800 572 9915 (Toll-Free) and we’ll help you out.

Don’t forget to hold up your horses, we will be back with another grave comparison of Sleep Spa with other mattress brands in India.

To Happy Naps,

Team Sleep Spa

Best mattress in india. Sleep Spa Vs. Flo Mattress

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