A mattress that keeps you cool? That’s new!
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A mattress that keeps you cool? That’s new!

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How many times have you got up in the middle of the night thinking- “Oh my God! It’s too hot!”? And then fling one arm and leg out of your blanket only to struggle back to sleep. Well, it’a real scuffle. But don’t worry, mattress brands in India are always on the edge of their seats innovating and popularising the market with new concepts that you might be interested in. But amidst all this muddle and chaos, do you want to be swayed away by Green Tea infused mattress or a cotton candy based memory foam mattress? We guess not! We have only heard about these things in the food menu and now we can sleep on them? A little too much to digest, isn’t it?

Talking about the types of mattress that the mattress brands in India innovating, we thought let’s develop a mattress that actually solves a basic sleep problem. Voila and there it was! India’s revolutionary Cool Gel Mattress that is designed to keep you cool in summers and warm in winters. Scroll down to know all about it-

Presenting La Swirl Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Cool gel memory foam mattress

Tirelessly engineered after detailed prototyping, quality checks and of course some sleep sessions on it, La Swirl is the best mattress to keep you cool. And why not, it has a cool gel infused memory foam layer on top paired with convoluted memory foam and High resilience foam.   Before we get down to the core features of the mattress, let us explain in a brief about the various layers used in the mattress.

Cool Gel Mattress

1. NASA Approved Cool Gel Memory Foam


Cooling, supportive and developed to help you heal while you sleep, the cool gel layer is formed by combining chilly third generation foam layer with memory foam to cradle you in whichever position you sleep. The layer directly absorbs and distributes heat and recovers perfectly to its original untouched state.

2. Convoluted Memory Foam


Imparting cloud-like comfort to your body, the convoluted memory foam layer is best known for its pressure-relieving feature. It improves sleep efficiency and lets you wake up with pain-free joints. Configured with cool gel foam, both these layers proffer support as soft-as-marshmallows.

3. High Resilience Foam (HR Foam)


A layer that is found in most of the products offered by mattress brands in India, High Resilience Foam is often termed as responsive foam or is used by mattress firms to increase the thickness of the mattress. However, we use it in our mattresses for the actual reason it was built for-To provide extreme elasticity and durability to the mattress.

4. Airflow Design


With quilted top and quilted air mesh sides, the fabric makes the best frame for continuous air flow. Drawing in fresh air through specifically moulded channels, the complete configuration of La Swirl has been designed to make it a mattress that keeps you cool. 

Cool Gel Mattress

So, that’s it? Individual layers have individual features? Beep. That’s Incorrect. These different types of layers are combined together to give you a magical sleep experience. Here’s how-

-High-Performance Mattress


A must to help you deliver high-performance every day. La Swirl Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress is designed keeping in mind comfort, durability and performance efficiency. With cool gel memory foam and convoluted memory foam, the mattress is a sleep haven for side sleepers. 

-A Truly Your’s Mattress


At least for 7 years. The layer configuration along with high-quality quilted fabric and air mesh edges adds longevity to the mattress. 

-Built For Support


We understand that a mattress is not just about comfort, but a “Perfect combination of comfort and support.” Most mattresses online are just an underrated version of this statement. So, unlike other mattress brands in India, this memory foam mattress was designed for complete spine support. With better efficiency than the traditional memory foam mattresses available in the market, La Swirl recovers its shape faster. Other mattresses might take time to adjust to your body shape when you change your sleeping position, but with La Swirl cool gel memory foam mattress under you, this is not a problem to sweat about.

It all seems to good to be true. But we bet you to get out of your “not-so-comfortable” comfort zone and go for a ‘more comfortable’ mattress. You don’t want to be left behind when others are bragging about the new cool spot they are digging. 

In case you are confused whether a memory foam mattress is the perfect one, give this a try- https://www.sleepspa.in/memory-foam-mattress-versus-spring-mattress/

Best mattress in india

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