Latex Vs. Spring Mattress | Which is the Best Mattress
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Latex Vs. Spring Mattress

Spring Mattress

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Mattress buying can be a really daunting exercise. There are a tons of options available in the market, each one backed by its own set of marketing buzz. So, which mattress is truly best for you – that’s a decision that could turn out to be pretty difficult to make.

I will not try to untangle the complete puzzle for you, but I will surely try to make things a bit easier, by comparing two of the popular mattress choices out there.

When you start looking for a good mattress to buy, two mattresses that you will surely come across are Latex mattress and Spring mattress. Both are premium grade mattress that provides luxury, comfort and a great night’s sleep.

So, which one of these should you go for? Let’s unravel the mystery.

What is a Natural Latex Mattress?

Spring Mattress

Latex mattress is made with a material called latex (duh!). It is a natural product that comes from the sap of the rubber tree. The milky sap is processed into mattress blocks. These blocks, in turn, have a natural springiness and offers excellent spinal and neck bone alignment support. Natural Latex mattresses have faster recovery time and also substantially more bounce to it. It resumes its original shape very quickly. Making a mattress with latex material was how most of the mattresses used to be earlier (you might have heard about Dunlop mattresses – they were Latex mattresses).

However, with a huge increase in the cost of raw materials, they started losing the sheen and gave way to more cheaper, and non-natural mattresses. But with growing awareness about health benefits that a good mattress can provide, they are back in the mainstream now.

What is Spring Mattress?

Spring mattresses, on the other hand, have been around for a long time. They are commonly available in the market. They used to be ultra-premium and very pricey earlier, but with the advancement of technology, and easy availability of raw materials, the cost has been constantly coming down. Now, they are available at all price points.

The main constituent of a Spring mattress is, guess what, springs! How one spring mattress differs from another is in how that coil is layered, and what type of material has been added, which is also known as the comfort layer. The different shapes of coils in Spring mattresses can be: Bonnell Coil, Bonnell/Open, Offset, Continuous, Pocket, Marshall Coil, etc.

  • Bonnell Coil Spring Mattress: These are one of the oldest and most common Spring mattresses. Bonnell springs are a round-top, knotted, hourglass-shaped steel wire coil. Mattresses made with these bonnell units (springs) are known as Bonnell Coil Spring mattress.
  • Offset Spring Mattress: Offset Spring mattresses are made with offset coil. These coils are in hourglass shaped. In this type of mattress, the offset units are hinged with helical wires to form segments of wire. These segments are designed in such a way to conform to body shape.
  • Continuous Spring Mattress: In this type of mattress, an innerspring coil is formed by a single wire. These are similar to Offset Spring mattress.
  • Pocket Spring Mattress: Pocket Spring mattresses are made with a set of springs which are individually encased in pocket fabric. Each spring responds independently to the pressure.
  • Marshall Coil Spring Mattress: Marshall coil or wrapped coil is thin-gauge, knotless coils, and barrel-shaped which are encased in a fabric to form a mattress. It is similar to a Pocket Spring mattress.

Comparison Between Latex and Spring Mattress

Now that you have a better understanding of what the heck both these mattresses really mean, let’s explore the major differences between Natural Latex mattresses and Spring mattresses.

Body Contour Adjustment

The major difference between Natural Latex mattresses and Spring mattresses is how they adjust to the body of the sleeper. Spring mattresses do have bounce, but their resilience slowly wears out and conformity is minimal. Latex, on the other hand, compresses and bounces, and will conform to the general outline of the body. The choice of conformity is best left to the personal preferences and sleep needs of the user. If you would prefer a bit bouncy mattress, spring would be a way to go, while if you prefer a mattress that can contour completely to your body’s shape, go with Latex mattress.

Motion Isolation

Another major difference between Natural Latex mattresses and Spring mattresses are their ability to isolate motion. Latex mattresses provide more motion isolation compared to Spring. So, if your partner moves a lot while sleeping, you are more likely to experience that movement on a Spring mattress, as compared to a Latex mattress. This is because a Spring mattress typically provides lesser motion isolation. So, if you or your partner like to roll all over the bed throughout the night, you might want to stick to a Latex mattress, but if both of you are calm sleepers, a Spring mattress would work great.


As you would have noticed, natural things tend to be a bit more expensive than artificial ones, and same goes for Latex vs. Spring mattress. As Latex mattress is made of all natural rubber, so typically they are priced a bit higher than Spring mattresses. Spring mattress, on the other hand, can typically be found at a lower price point. However, there are a wide variety of spring mattresses also available out there, some with ultra-premium materials, which would make them more expensive than the corresponding Luxury mattress. So, which mattress would you go with – that depends on your budget 🙂 But while setting aside the budget for a mattress, remember that this is the piece of furniture that you would spend most of your time on.


Both Spring mattress as well as Latex mattress are firm. Both are firm enough to support your body and do not give you back pain. However, in case of spring mattress, the firmness depends upon the type of spring mattress you are buying. So, if you want a bit firm mattress, opt for Bonnell spring, otherwise, go with a Pocket spring mattress.


Spring mattresses are built around spring coils which are mechanical in nature and as such tend to become less resilient and noisier over an extended timeframe. On the other hand, Latex mattresses are made with natural products and highly durable. As such, Spring mattresses have a lesser life span in comparison to Natural Latex mattresses.

Having said that, both the mattresses can last for quite a long time (in fact, both Sleep Spa mattresses are warranted for at least 7 years), and technically you should change your mattress much before that.


Natural Latex mattress is the best hypoallergenic mattress available in the market. In addition to that, it is also resilient to bacteria and moulds, due to their unique structure and completely natural materials. Spring mattresses, on the other hand, do provide anti-allergic features, on account of the anti-allergic fabric and inner layers that are used, but not as great as is the case with Latex mattresses. So, if you are in an area where you think there could be a lot of bacteria, then Latex mattress could be the better choice.

Which Mattress You Should Choose: Latex or Spring Mattress?

Latex mattresses provide more comfort, be it for back sleepers or side sleepers. Even high end Spring mattresses, like the one Sleep Spa creates provide a high level of comfort, but with lesser conformity.

Natural Latex mattresses also offer additional benefits over a Spring mattress, like natural resistance to mould and bacteria and airflow circulation. These benefits are very important for those living in hot and humid climatic regions.

Natural latex mattresses also boast of a longer life cycle and retain their properties over time, while Spring mattresses may lose their resilience in due course of time.

However, for those looking for a fun and bouncy mattress, at a lower price point, Spring mattresses are the way to go. Spring mattresses come in various price ranges and as such, fit into everyone’s budget well. Also, Spring mattresses are lightweight in comparison to Natural Latex mattresses, which are often double the weight for the same dimensions. For people looking for a mid-range of firmness and above, Spring mattresses best serve their requirements.

Take Away

I hope I have efficiently walked you through this maze of mattress buying and helped you at least narrow down that which mattress is best for you: Natural Latex mattress, or Spring mattress.

Ultimately, it is about You and your personal needs and preferences.

It’s better to start with a list of things that you are looking for in your mattress, then refer the guide above to see which mattress works best for that point, and in the end, see which mattress meets most of your requirements.

Simple, isn’t it? 😉

In case I left you with more questions than what you had initially, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert team. They know all about the mattresses and will help you decide one pretty quickly.

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