Natural Latex Mattress Vs. Memory Foam Mattress
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Difference Between Natural Latex Mattress And Memory Foam Mattress: Which One is Better?

Natural Latex Mattress

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Mattresses come in different materials like Latex, Memory Foam, Spring, etc. Here, we will try to look into differences between Natural Latex and Memory Foam mattresses and help you in deciding which is the right pick for you.

Before coming to the comparison part, let’s discuss both mattresses briefly.

What is a Memory Foam Mattress?

Memory foam mattress

Memory Foam has gained quite a popularity, because it was originally developed by NASA.

Memory Foam mattresses are made of polyurethane that is specially designed with different chemicals, with the goal of producing a material that is exceedingly dense and energy absorbing. This, in turn, leads to a mattress that adjusts to the shape of the body.

Memory Foam has a slow recovery time and as such, the mattress does not resume its original shape instantly, and this provides excellent comfortability and support for the user.

Memory Foam mattress is especially beneficial for people suffering from back or joint pain.

What is a Latex Mattress?

Latex Mattress

Natural Latex mattresses, on the other hand, have faster recovery time and also substantially more bounce to it. It resumes its original shape in a very quick time.

When we talk about Latex mattresses there are three kinds: Natural Latex mattress, Synthetic Latex mattress, and Blended Latex mattress.

Natural Latex Mattress: Natural latex is secreted from a tree called Hevea brasiliensis, commonly known as Rubber tree. Mattresses which are made with this latex are known as Natural Latex mattresses. These mattresses adjust with your body posture and provide support.

Synthetic Latex Mattress: Mattress which are made from man-made latex material (usually made with chemicals) are known as Synthetic Latex Mattress.

Blended Latex Mattress: A mattress which is a combination of both Natural and Synthetic Latex is termed as Blended mattress.

Sleep Spa Latex mattresses are made of Natural Latex obtained from Rubber trees, which make these mattresses better than the synthetic latex mattresses sold by other brands.

Comparison Between Latex and Memory Foam Mattress

memory foam and latex mattress difference

Coming to the major differences between Natural Latex Mattress and Memory Foam Mattress, they are as follows:

  • Conformity – The major difference between Natural Latex mattress and Memory Foam mattress is how they conform to the body of the person while sleeping. Memory foam conforms to the exact shape of the body. On the other hand Latex will conform to the general outline of the body. It supports and aligns the body and prevents you from back or neck pain. The choice of conformity is best left to the personal preferences and sleep needs of the user.
  • Motion Transfer – Another major difference between Natural Latex mattresses and Memory Foam mattresses is their ability to isolate motion. Motion transfers are not allowed in Memory Foam. This is ideal in the case of couples in which one person moves a lot while sleeping, as the person on the other end of the bed will not feel the motion. Latex, on the other hand, provide partial motion isolation. So, in case your partner twists and turns a lot during the night, Latex mattress would transfer some of that motion to you, while Memory Foam Mattress will isolate most of that.
  • Pricing – You would have noticed that natural organic products are in general more expensive than their synthetic counterparts. Same goes for the pricing difference between Latex mattresses and Memory Foam mattresses. As good Latex mattresses are made from natural latex derived from sap of a rubber tree, so they are generally more expensive than a Memory Foam mattress.
  • Firmness – Latex mattresses are firmer than Memory Foam mattresses. However, the firmness is not too much to cause hardship; instead, firmness is just perfect to provide the right comfort with ample support. Memory Foam, on the other hand, are typically less firm than Latex mattresses, but they also come with an inner support core, that balances that softness with proper body support.

Which Mattress is Best for You? Memory Foam or Latex Mattress

Memory foam mattress

Coming from picking one between Memory Foam mattress and Natural Latex mattress based on the qualities, you should also look for your requirements and preferences.

If you are a back sleeper, it is essential to pick a mattress that will provide adequate spinal and neck bone alignment. In that scenario, memory foam could be a better choice. It contours to the unique shape of the body, and is ideal for allowing your neck and spine to reach an optimal alignment, thus being both comfortable as well as healthy at the same time.

When it comes to side sleepers, both Latex and Memory Foam mattresses are way to go. While sleeping in either position, the ultimate goal of a mattress is to provide spinal and neck bone alignment. Also, in the case of side sleepers, it is important to focus on the comfort and support for the hip joints. Both Latex and Memory Foam supports and aligns your body to provide a comfortable sleep.

Natural Latex mattress is the best choice for people suffering from allergies as it is the best hypoallergenic mattress type available in the market. It is made with rubber tree which prevent dust mites and bacteria. Memory Foam mattress on the other hand is also antiallergic. Because of its high density, it is very unlikely that dust mites will thrive in its materials, and it is also less liable to hang onto dirt or bacteria. However, Latex is better as compared to Memory Foam.

For people looking for a firm mattress, Natural Latex mattresses are the way to go. Theses mattresses come in different levels of firmness and some also apply a layering system that adds an additional firm feel. To ensure that you are buying the right choice, the buyer must enquire what each layer is made for and the reasoning for each layer. In case of Sleep Spa mattress, each layer is carefully chosen to provide the optimum level of comfort and support.

For people looking for a cooler mattress, Natural Latex is the perfect solution as they have holes punched in them for air circulation. Another factor to look at is that Latex mattresses are made with natural products and good for the environment too.


Both Natural Latex mattresses and Memory Foam mattresses are top notch mattresses and the right choice for you. Both have their own set of advantages and buying a mattress between these two simply boils down to your personal preferences and sleep requirements.

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