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Sleep Spa Vs. Wakefit Mattress-Best Mattress Online In India

Sleep Spa Vs. Wakefit Mattress

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Buying a mattress online is definitely not an easy task. You know which mattress to order, you know the correct mattress size but do you know which brand to go ahead with. With most online mattress brands offering the same product with a little price difference, we decided to dig deeper and help you understand how Sleep Spa Mattress is different than the other online brands. And yes, all of them claim to be the best mattress in India. But we will leave that choice to you. So are you ready to pick the better sleeping partner for you? First in line, is a 2-year-old mattress company, Wakefit Mattress. 

31 Years of Experience

Yes, you have read that right. We have more than 31 years of experience in designing mattresses. And that is not only based on customer feedbacks, deep research analysis and the growing needs of the sleep industry, but we have evolved our products to suit your sleep requirements. Each of our mattresses has been engineered with advanced sleep technologies that bring out your lazy side in the best possible way. With decades spent in researching, deciding the quality check parameters and developing perfect sleep solutions, Sleep Spa will always stand for its orthopaedic innovation and responsive technologies thus delivering the best mattresses online.

Perfect Quilting

We bet you didn’t know “Quilting is an essential requirement when looking for the best mattress online”. Well, yes it is and if you ask why. Here’s all you need to know. Quilted mattresses not only proffer more comfort and durability but they are the best mattresses when it comes to adding breathability. Many mattress brands play around the term memory foam mattresses but all they offer is a 1/2” of memory foam quilt on the mattress. We only offer exclusively quilted mattresses which will always support you even through tough times. And that is exactly why a quilted mattress is always better than a smooth surface mattress. 

sleep spa vs wakefit mattress

Honest Certifications

You will believe us when we say- “We are over certified”. We have been certified by six different internationally acclaimed certifications- ISO, ISI, DAkkS, ISPF, IPF, and Euro Latex German Certification. And what does that mean for you? That you can trust us when we say- “All our products are made with high-grade materials with no compromise in quality at all.’

50% More Savings

Are you tired of searching for ‘Mattress sale near me’? Well, so were we and thousand other customers who thought buying a mattress is an expensive deal and ordering a cheap mattress with highest quality materials will always remain a dream. Enters Sleep Spa. A one-stop solution to all your sleep problems at an affordable rate. A price which helps you save more than 50% of your savings. Crazy, right? Yes, indeed. 

Sleep spa vs wakefit mattress

Made in India

Yes, we have brought international technologies to India for the first time. But the soul and heart of the product is developed in India. And we all will agree ‘Made in US’ or ‘Imported from Belgium’ does not mean it the best mattress available in India, because all of it is actually ‘Made in China’. We completely support the cause ‘Make in India’ and are an ardent follower of the same. Also, we believe in quality over quantity. We do not stock products and each of the mattresses is exclusively crafted for you. This helps in customizing the mattress as per your sleeping needs and bed size.

Natural Mattresses

Let’s make it clear- Not all our mattresses are natural but we do have a range of completely natural products like coir mattresses, latex mattresses, latex pillows, and a latex topper. All of these products are designed keeping in mind your health and wellness. Made with coconut fibres or rubber tree sap, these products are hypoallergenic and eco-friendly. This naturally adds temperature regulating properties to the products and makes them the best amongst the lot. 

Prompt Customer Care

We know how it feels when someone doesn’t answer your question or doesn’t give you a satisfying answer. That is why we do not follow this practice at all. You want to purchase our product? We are there for you. You want to know about the return policy? We are there for you. You want to leave us a 5 star review? We are there for you. So whether you are feeling lost amongst the plethora of ‘Best mattress brand in India’ or wondering a latex mattress will suit you or not? You can ping us anytime and we have got your back. Reach out to us on Whatsapp (+91 9837058451) or mail ([email protected]) and we will answer all your queries, no matter how random they may be.

Upto 11 Years Mattress Warranty

Not every mattress is perfect

We do not say ‘all our mattresses will suit your requirements’. Each of our mattresses has been designed for a specific purpose. And guess what, no one can offer a single mattress and say it is perfect for everyone. Designing a memory foam mattress and saying it will suit latex mattress requirements, we don’t believe that and neither should you. Well, Memory Foam Mattress Vs. Latex Mattress is a tale for another day. For now, let’s just say if you want to buy a high-quality product with great mattress discounts, then purchasing a mattress online is the best way to go ahead.

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Best mattress in india

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