5 Ways Sleep Spa Natural Latex Mattress Than Competitors
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5 Ways Sleep Spa Natural Latex Mattress is Better than Competitors

Natural Latex Mattress

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From simple foam beds and coir beds to spring beds and then to the latest natural latex mattress and memory foam mattresses, it has been a veritable journey for mattresses. Both manufacturers and consumers have been in continuous pursuit of a mattress that would offer optimum comfort and support. The more comfortable is the mattress, the better you can sleep on it. The better you can sleep at night, the more energetic and healthy you wake up in the morning.

However, most of these mattresses have one or the other drawbacks. The most common problem with mattresses is that they either don’t offer firm support to heavier parts of the body or they are too stiff. Either way, your body is not getting the ideal support that it craves to get a good night sleep.

Nevertheless, the natural latex mattress from Sleep Spa seems to conform to all the attributes of an ideal mattress. Its benefits seem to outweigh its competitors.

Sleep Spa Natural Latex Mattress Vs. Others


Superior Support

It is the support for your body that determines the qualities of a mattress. If it is just a piece of hard rubber or something else, it will offer rigid support. But this is not what your body desires. It desires firm support at all points so that the spine can rest in its normal alignment while sleeping. Most mattresses are unable to offer this support. However, the natural latex mattress from Sleep Spa offers superior support to the spine. The 7-zone natural latex core that builds the inner core of the mattress is ideal for offering perfect support to the spine. The designers have divided the mattress into 7 zones in accordance with the part of your body that the zone would have to bear. The 7 zones include head and neck, shoulder and upper back, lumbar spine, pelvic region, knee, lower leg, foot and ankle. These areas have different weights and alignment than other areas. Each area calls for a separate level of support.

This is why the Sleep Spa natural latex mattress can offer uniformly firm support to all parts of the body and therefore helps the spine rest in its normal alignment. Your spine would just love it…Aaahhh.

natural latex mattress

100% Organic Latex

100% natural latex offers excellent comfort and support to the body, especially the spine. Features like anti-dust mites, motion isolation and durability are the added features of such latex. Moreover, the combination of fabric cover and natural latex makes these mattresses breathable. Breathability is an important feature since it keeps the temperature of the mattress down.

5 Ways Sleep Spa Natural Latex Mattress is Better than Competitors

Bamboo Fabric Cover

Mattresses are famous for sheltering allergenic organisms. If you sleep on such mattresses you are exposed to these organisms regularly. This can really cause harm to your health. However, the Sleep Spa Natural Latex Mattresses come covered with bamboo fabric cover. Bamboo fabric is anti-fungal and hypoallergenic. The combination of a hypoallergenic bamboo fabric cover and natural latex makes the mattress completely healthy without any allergic susceptibility. There is no risk of fungus or mold forming on the mattress. The bamboo fabric cover also has a temperature regulation property.

bamboo charcoal memory foam mattress

No Disturbance To Partner

Zero Partner Disturbance is a criterion for selecting mattresses. However, there are only a few mattresses that offer zero partner disturbance. The result-as your partner tosses and turns in bed the disturbance awakes you. Sleep Spa’s 100% natural latex mattress is unique for its zero-partner disturbance feature. So even if you can’t catch sleep and are tossing and turning on the bed, your partner can’t complain about disturbing his or her sleep.


A mattress is often a costly buy and you get the best value for your money only when the mattress lasts for a long time. This is why Sleep Spa 100% natural latex mattress is unique as it offers 11 years of warranty.


The Sleep Spa 100% natural latex mattress is a unique mattress that conforms to all the requirements of a healthy and comfortable mattress with superior support. It beats its competitor’s hands down in aspects like support, pressure point relief, hypoallergenic and no disturbance to partners.

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For more details, visit: www.sleepspa.in/

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