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5 Benefits of Natural Latex Mattress

5 Benefits of Natural Latex

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One-third of your life is spent on the mattress. Make sure you spend it on one that makes you feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

There is an ever-increasing variety of mattresses available in the market today. But the ones that work really well are the age-old Natural Latex mattresses.

The Latex mattress is made with natural material that comes from the sap of the rubber tree. The elasticity of the material allows the mattress to maintain perfect body shape. It aligns your back and supports your spine, which helps to alleviate the pain.

A 100% natural latex mattress has a lot of benefits, that other mattresses lack.

No Harmful Chemicals, No Dust Mites, and No Microorganisms

Mattresses do contain harmful chemicals. You may inhale these fumes when you sleep on them. However, a natural latex mattress does not even have a trace of these chemicals. This is why these mattresses are good for you if you are allergic to such chemicals. This is especially good for children since they are most sensitive to such chemicals. Natural latex mattresses are also protected from microbes and dust mites. These are designed to be antimicrobial and anti-dust mites. This makes these especially beneficial for babies since they are the most vulnerable to these organisms.

Helps Your Sleeping Posture

Waking up with body aches is a major complaint against mattresses. When you sleep on a Sleep Spa Nirvana Pure Latex 7 Zone Mattress with Bamboo Cover, you cannot complain about this since this mattress helps get rid of pressure points. So, you wake up in the morning relaxed and rejuvenated. Tossing and turning on the mattress is a thing of the past. Natural Latex mattresses are more pleasant to sleep on compared to many other types of mattresses. The unique property of this natural latex mattress is that they are firm, yet bouncy.

Natural Latex Mattress


Yes, breathability is a characteristic that you should look for in a mattress. A natural latex mattress is breathable and that augurs well for your health. These mattresses have an open cell structure which abates the natural flow of air through them. When there is an unhindered flow of air, the temperature of the mattress remains under control. So, it doesn’t get either too hot or too cold. This makes such a mattress very comfortable to sleep on, irrespective of the seasonal variation of temperature.

Latex mattress

Resilient and Robust

Natural rubber is one of the most resilient types of ingredients that mattresses are made of. In fact, it has been seen that of all the different varieties of mattresses, those made of natural latex are the most resilient. This means that such mattresses easily get back to their original shape and don’t lose their contours easily. Losing firmness and contour is one of the biggest problems with mattresses. There are ominous signs for you, since mattresses that don’t get back to their original shape are injurious to health. They may cause back pain and other ailments.  You don’t need to flip it regularly to help it get back to its original shape.

However, you may need to do so for other mattresses. A natural latex mattress is also the most durable among all varieties of mattresses. Such a mattress can withstand regular wear and tear for many years. The better the quality of latex, the more durable and robust it is. Sleep Spa Nirvana Pure Latex is backed by a long 11 years warranty because it uses 100% natural latex.

Latex mattress


A natural latex mattress is also friendly towards nature. Since these mattresses are produced from natural rubber, they are completely biodegradable. These mattresses can also be easily recycled, and manufacturers do recycle old natural latex mattresses to manufacture new ones.


Natural latex mattresses are good for health in whichever way you may think of. However, the quality of a mattress also depends on the quality of rubber and design. So, make sure you select a rubber mattress which is made with the finest quality of rubber. A superior manufacturing method in combination with superior grade rubber can make a natural latex mattress a cozy place to end your day and wake up energized and kicking. Try out Sleep Spa Nirvana Pure Latex to experience a blissful sleep.

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