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How Latex Mattress Is Helpful in Back Pain?

How Latex Mattress Is Helpful in Back Pain

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Mattresses built with poor quality material can disturb your sleep, and disturbed sleep over a long time can disrupt your normal health.

So what is the most common side effect of sleeping on a poor quality mattress? It is back pain. Even mattresses made of good quality foam can impinge on your spine and cause back pain.

However, mattresses have evolved over the years and the new Latex Mattress is as good as it gets for a good night’s sleep. Sleeping has become more comfortable on these mattresses. The best part about latex mattress is that it provides you relief from back pain.

Let’s see how a latex mattress is helpful in back pain-

Accommodates The Natural Curvature of Spine

Most mattresses provide support only to the heaviest parts of your body, such as the shoulders and the hips. This creates a skewed posture for the body which is very uncomfortable. It is not only uncomfortable but also abates long-term back problems, since such a posture does not offer proper support to the spine.

The right mattress must be able to accommodate the natural curvature of your spine. This means it should support the spine in its normal alignment. It will not force you to toss and turn throughout the night in pursuit of the perfect resting pattern for your spine. If the mattress is not able to support its normal alignment and you are already suffering from back pain, the pain may get worse. You may subconsciously try to compensate for the lack of spinal support. You may not even be aware of these movements since your muscles may be doing it subconsciously. However, you will certainly experience lingering pain and discomfort if you sleep on such mattresses for a long time.

However, a latex mattress is able to support the spine and body in its normal alignment. This is because a latex mattress is neither too soft nor too hard. It just supports the spine naturally. This is why a latex mattress is comfortable for your spine and therefore helps if you have back pain.

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Does Not Create Pressure Points

If the mattress is too soft, it just gets bogged down by your weight and can’t offer an iota of support either to your body or to your spine. If the mattress is too firm, it may create pressure points on areas like the pelvic area, the shoulders etc. This is uncomfortable and may abate back pain. This is especially uncomfortable for those who like to sleep on their sides. If you are already suffering from back pain, the presence of pressure points may increase. Pressure points may also create numbness and make you toss and turn repeatedly to achieve a comfortable sleeping position. This can accentuate the problem of back pain.

This is why you need a mattress that does not create pressure points. Latex mattresses are not so hard that they would end up creating pressure points and not so soft as not to support the body. This is why they don’t cause or abate back pain.

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Conforms To The Body

To be able to support your body comfortably, the mattress needs to conform to your body. This indicates that there must not be any gap between the bed and your body. If there is any gap, these areas are not supported by mattresses. These areas may feel painful if you are already suffering from back pain. Natural latex mattresses conform to the body posture completely. This is why they offer firm support to every part of your body and let you sleep in a normal posture, but comfortably.

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Possesses Medium Firm Density

A mattress for helping your back pain must have medium-firm density. Such a mattress would neither be overtly firm nor too soft. They can only support the body. If the mattress is too soft, it will not be able to support the body and the body will sink into the mattress. This will worsen your back pain. If the mattress has a very high density, it will worsen your back pain too since it will then create pressure points. Mattresses with medium firm density are the best for your back. Latex mattresses have a medium firm density. This is why they are mostly ideal for people with back pain.

Orthopaedic natural latex mattress - Sleep Spa

Inherent Properties Of Latex

The material of a mattress plays a big role in offering the right kind of support to your body. A latex mattress can offer the best support due to the natural springiness of latex. Owing to this, the mattress easily conforms to the shape of your body and provides perfect spinal support.

Talalay latex making process

All these reasons make Latex Mattress your perfect companion if you are suffering from back pain.

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