What is in a Latex Mattress? Talalay Latex Vs. Dunlop Latex?
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What is in a Latex Mattress? Talalay Latex Vs. Dunlop Latex?

Latex Mattress

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Latex mattresses are one of the most coveted mattresses for their luxurious comfort, superior support and pressure point relief. It is touted as the new memory foam but in a healthier and more comfortable form. Despite its popularity, many are unaware of what a latex mattress is and what it entails. Here, we would throw light on all the information that you need to know regarding a latex mattress.

The Journey Begins With The Sap Of A Rubber Tree.


Rubber tree


Very few realize that latex is a completely natural product. It is made from the sap of the rubber tree, Hevea Brasiliensis. The sap and the latex are drastically different from each other in their appearance. To create a queen size mattress, you need the latex of a whole day’s output by rubber trees spanning across 12 acres. However, this does not implies polluting the environment in any way or cutting the trees. 

The trees will again produce latex. They will also remove about 143 tons of carbon dioxide from the air in a year. Collecting the latex from these trees gives employment to 8 rubber tappers. This makes the entire latex production a sustainable, renewable and eco-friendly product. It is a big banner to carry for all those people who staunchly support the green movement. 

The Journey From Sap To Latex 


The sap of the rubber tree is a milky liquid which is processed to turn into the solid latex. There are several methods employed to do it but two of them are most commonly used. The first common step to all processes is mixing of a small proportion of a material that will aid in the solidification of the latex. Then the mixture is processed either by the Dunlop Latex method or the Talalay Latex method. 

  • Dunlop Latex Method 

In this method, to create the latex, the sap is whipped intensely to make it froth. It is then poured into shaped molds or on a conveyer. It is then baked exactly like a cake in a special oven to create the Dunlop latex in solid form. The latex is then washed thoroughly to eliminate all traces of liquid latex and unreacted solidifying agents. Now, the latex is air-dried in the sun and ready for use. This kind of mattress is firmer towards the bottom and softer at the top to give you wonderful pressure relief and sublime comfort. 

  • Talalay Latex Method

talalay latex method

Here, a few extra steps and ingredients are utilized. The latex is poured and sealed into a mould and vacuum sealed. This expands and solidifies the foam. The latex created by this method is less dense but gives you a more consistent feel from top to bottom. Its cell structure is also more consistent and thus it costs more than the Dunlop latex. 

Different organizations then certify the latex mattress on different quality parameters and certify them accordingly. 

(You can have a look at Sleep Spa’s Talalay latex manufacturing process here- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPF4SjpOnDs)


Differentiating Synthetic Latex And Natural Latex


Synthetic latex is different from 100% natural latex. They are crafted from a plastic known as SBR or Styrene Butadiene Rubber. The chemical is deemed to be safe despite some controversy surrounding it. It is also not as durable or springy like natural latex. 

Reasons To Use A Latex Mattress 

Latex mattress


A latex mattress offers plenty of advantages over a traditional mattress that makes them an ideal choice. Few of its benefits are:

  • No Chemicals Involved- Boasting of a natural origin. Latex material is free from any harmful chemicals and completely safe to use. It is an eco-friendly choice. 
  • Progressive Support– Latex material has a natural elastic property. It feels incredibly soft when you sit or lie on it. But once you settle into it; the mattress provides you full support. It easily contours to your body, keeps the spinal alignment in place and helps in relieving backaches. Thus, you enjoy a relaxing sleep.
  • Excellent Pressure Distribution And Relieving Properties– A latex mattress has millions of molecular springs which increases it elasticity and helps in uniform pressure distribution. It thus supports even the heaviest part of your body well. It also distributes the pressure evenly which helps in boosting the blood circulation and increasing your comfort quotient while sleeping.
  • Excellent Breathability Latex mattress has an open hole structure including the ventilation holes. This, it can absorb your body moisture well and still keep you cool and dry. It also keeps you well ventilated and you can sleep comfortably. 
  • Hypoallergenic– The molecular structure of the latex mattress makes them naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to any kind of dust, allergens and other irritating agents.

Final Words


The care and maintenance of a latex mattress is also easy. Many tout it as a better option than the memory foam mattress. With plenty of customization options available; it is the mattress of your choice the next time you go mattress shopping!

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