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How to Pick the Best Latex Mattress in India?

Best Latex Mattress in India

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The latex mattress has long been in the dark but they are now grabbing the limelight. A latex mattress is fast becoming the preferred choice over the ordinary spring mattress. Offering you support, comfort, excellent airflow, natural mold resistance, natural origin, and several other pros; a latex mattress has plenty of things working in its favor. 

But not all latex mattresses are created equal. It can be a tall task to choose the best one from the several varieties of latex mattress available. We thus create a checklist for you to understand what you must pay attention to when buying a latex mattress.

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  • Deciding Between All-natural and Synthetic Latex

Foremost, we need to understand about Latex mattress manufacturing. It is obtained from the latex of the rubber tree, the Hevea Brasiliensis. Natural latex can also be organic. Being completely natural and chemical free; they lack any kind of allergens and do not attract them as well. Hence, they are best for people prone to allergy and infection. 

Synthetic latex is created by polymerizing a monomer and it is then processed to produce latex which mimics the natural latex. It is then manipulated and mixed with natural latex to create a mattress that is superior in quality, comfort and support. Different brands have their unique combination ratio which is kept under covers as a trade secret. You never get a pure synthetic latex mattress but always in combination with natural latex. 

An all-natural latex mattress is more expensive of the two types but they are worthwhile for people who are passionate crusaders for eco-friendly and the green movement. To opt for Sleep Spa’s complete natural latex mattress, buy from –

However, if you are opting for the synthetic blend of this mattress; you must always check out its various certifications. It is a testimony of the mattress undergoing and passing various rigorous tests like Oeko-Tex, Morton Thiokol, LGA and Eurolatex. All these certifications are of the international standard and give you a guarantee of quality and comfort. 

Natural Latex Mattress

  • Talalay and Dunlop Latex

These two are often referred to as types of pure latex. In reality, it refers to the method which is used to convert pure latex into the solid version. The Dunlop method is an old technique which creates a dense and durable foam. A less expensive variety, it is cheaper than Talalay and is ideal for both comfort and support layers. 

The Talalay method is far more sophisticated vulcanizing process which gives you more precise control over the density of the resulting latex and is bets for top or finishing layers. 

  • Composition of The Latex Mattress

Natural Latex Mattress

You barely find any pure form of the latex mattress. It has different composition ratios which decide how comfortable it would be. Not only are natural and synthetic latex blended but the Talalay and Dunlop varieties are also combined to form layers to make the mattress more comfortable and durable. Most mattresses are crafted of three layers- the core, padding, and fabrics. Knowing about the composition and how it would affect your budget, comfort, and durability would help you choose the right one. 

  • Decide On Your Budget 

Like any other thing, there is a vast variation in the varieties of latex mattress and their budget. Hence, you must know your budget range as well as the prices of quality latex mattress. Both need to match so that you do get a quality mattress after making a sizeable investment for a fitful and restful sleep. The budget range will help you look into appropriate varieties. 

  • Firmness

The firmness of the mattress is an important consideration for all. Depending on your sleeping position, body weight and comfort preference; you can decide on the firmness of the latex mattress. It is usually measured as Impression Load Deflection or ILD. It is the pressure required to cause a 25% indent in the mattress.  You can find mattresses from very soft to extra firm to choose from. A lower value of ILD denotes softness while a higher value means a higher degree of firmness. 

  • Size & Number of Pinholes

An important characteristic of a latex mattress is the pinholes in it. These are holes found in the latex sheet that ensure excellent airflow and keep the mattress cool by letting the moisture escape from them. The size, number and the arrangement of the pinholes decide how comfortable and firm, the mattress would be. Consulting an expert would let you know about the right fit for you. 

Wrapping Up 

The fire barrier in the mattress, warranty, cover, etc. are some other features that you can look into.  Comparing different mattresses on these parameters would help you nail the most comfortable latex mattress for your bed!


Best mattress in india

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