India’s No 1 Latex Mattress-Sleep Spa 100% Natural Mattress
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India’s No 1 Latex Mattress-Sleep Spa 100% Natural Mattress

India’s No 1 Latex

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Latex Mattress is popping up in the comfort sleep systems of high-end luxury bedding for all good reasons. Nirvana 100% Natural latex mattress is naturally produced by Mother Nature. Made from the sap of the rubber tree, latex is naturally elastic. An organic latex mattress has all the necessary features of smart bedding such as elasticity, bounce, temperature control, and potential for pressure relief.

Natural Therapy

It is a highly attractive deal for those who always wonder for an opportunity to have natural therapy at home. Latex feels comfortably soft at first touch and as you settle deeper in your mattress, it gives you full support.

Natural latex mattress


7 Zone Mattress

Efficiently produced, Nirvana 100% Natural latex mattress is divided into seven different firm zones which provide soft support to your upper back, pelvic area and helps in spinal alignment. For the lumbar area, the mattress provides firm support which helps in relieving tension and lower back pain. It is particularly suitable for people suffering from orthopaedic problems in the shoulder, hips and lower back region.

7 Zone


Definite elasticity enables the latex mattress to mold perfectly according to the body shape. Whatever the sleeping position, the spine remains in its natural position.

Excellent pressure distribution

Natural latex mattress reduces excessive pressure on certain points of the body and ensures healthy blood circulation during sleeping hours.

Peerless High Durability

A notch above other mattresses, Nirvana 100% Natural latex mattress is your luxury bedding sleep partner for more than 11 Years.

Zero Partner Disturbances

With no motion transfer feature, you can sleep uninterrupted while your partner is changing his position in bed. It is intelligently built smart bedding so partners can sleep undisturbed while reinforced corners ensure that you don’t roll off the edges.

zero partner disturbance

Prominent Attributes

The open-cell structure of organic latex mattress combined with the luxurious bamboo fabric keeps your mattress cool and enhances air circulation. This latex mattress comes with a removable zip cover which helps in maintaining a healthy and hygienic bedroom environment.

Processing Latex

Processing of latex makes a big difference in confirming whether the latex you’re dealing with is organic. In general, Talalay appears more often in luxury brands due to its consistency. In comparison, Dunlop latex manufacturing process uses harsh chemicals.

Natural Latex Mattress


The origin of this latex mattress imparts it anti-dust mite, anti‐microbial and anti‐bacterial properties. It prevents allergies and provides a healthy and a hygienic atmosphere to live in with your luxury bedding. It is good for people with allergies.
A healthy commitment to the environment, Organic latex mattress minimizes the presence of synthetic materials or chemicals. Attractive smart bedding for those who love to connect their life with eco-friendly ways.

Just Perfect

Sleep Spa Nirvana 100% Natural latex is just the perfect mattress which gives you both comfort and support. Try our 100 nights trial offer on the website and you’ll know what we mean by “just perfect”.

Good night’s sleep is just a click away.

Get your Nirvana 100% Natural latex mattress now!

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