6 Differences Between Sleepycat Mattress & Sleep Spa Mattress
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6 Differences Between Sleepycat Mattress & Sleep Spa Mattress

Sleepycat mattress vs sleep spa mattress

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This is not a promotional blog but a complete awareness generating blog about the major differences between Sleepycat Mattress and Sleep Spa mattress. The series also covers a detailed comparison between Sleep Spa & numerous online mattress brands in India.

Mattress buying always seemed to be a hectic option as it requires physical verification because once bought it would not be returned. Yes, there are comanies offering 30 nights trial and 100 nights trial, but it is just a way to attract consumers to purchase these trial mattresses. The retun process on these mattresses is extremely difficult.

With the advancement in technology and rise in e-commerce, buying a mattress becomes easy as you may find the right mattress without paying the unnecessary cost of middle man and transportation. However, initially, it seemed easy but with time, buying a mattress online become complicated too. Customers often get confused due to many questions popping up in their mind-

  • Which is the best mattress brand in India?
  • Which mattress is best for home use?
  • Which is better foam or spring mattress?
  • How do I know if my mattress is causing my back pain?

And many more similar issues pop-up when you plan on buying a mattress Online. 

To help you in choosing the perfect sleeping partner, we having have compared Sleepsa with Wakefit Mattress, Flo Mattress and Sunday rest Mattress. Today we are differentiating between another online mattress brand in India which will guide you in buying a mattress online:

Sleepycat Mattress Vs. Sleep Spa Mattress

1. Healthy and Hygienic Mattress

It is important that your mattress offers air circulation and ventilation. It should remain cool all night. We make sure that the mattress eliminates the growth of Microbes. Each Sleep Spa Mattress is manufactured with Anti-bacterial and Anti-dust mite features.

sanitized mattress india

Made from Herb Fresh technology, your bedroom environment is fresh and healthy. This helping you to wake up fresh and rejuvenated. 

2. 34 Years of Experience 

More Years of experience mean years of happily catering to the demand of the customers. We have been known for successfully delivering mattresses at doorsteps free of cost. People generally prefer mattress brands that are old because it gives a better picture of mattress reviews and rating. It showcases the trust that the brand has built over the years.

Many brands like Sleepycat mattress, Wakefit mattress, Sunday rest mattress are hardly 4-year-old brands with no previous experience in the mattress industry. With years of experience, R&D team at Sleepspa offers different types of mattresses. Each mattress is customized as per the demand of the customers. They also, offer support from all sides while you sleep. Thus, if you are looking for a customized mattress, Sleep Spa can help you address all those needs.

3. 24*7 Support from Sleep Expert

Buying a mattress online is risky. People are not sure which mattress will suit their body type or reduce body pain. Hence, customers look for mattress brands that assist in choosing the right mattress depending on body type and sleep needs.

Our customer care team is available all day long. We are here to offer you help and listen to grievances related to mattresses. Thus, it helps you in easy Return and Exchange. You can Call/WhatsApp on +91-9837058451 for quick support.

4. 100 Free Night Trial

Mattress buying is an investment and people hesitate in buying a mattress online. They are worried about How do I choose a mattress? Hence, to avoid such issues and build trust we offer 100 Free Night Trial on some of our mattresses. But for us, it is not a marketing gimmick. We absolutely accept the fact that if the trial mattress does not suit, we take it. No hard rules, no bad customer support.

Sleepycat Mattress Reviews on Amazon

5. Upto 15 Years Warranty

There are many mattress brands that offer 5 to 7 years of warranty. They charge an exorbitant rate for the mattress as well. Sleep spa gives up to 15 years of warranty with 50% savings when compared to other mattress brands. The cost of the mattress is minimal to cover the manufacturing cost. However, if you purchase a mattress from a store that includes middlemen and delivery cost which increases the price of the mattress.

6. Dual-comfort Mattress

Our dual comfort mattress means offering correct support from both sides of the mattress. If your partner wants a little firm mattress and you want a little soft, our team will help to get a customized mattress, suitable for you and your partner.

In a gist, there can be many reasons for a Sleepycat mattress to be different from a Sleep Spa mattress. What forms the deciding factor is the mattress reviews and ratings. So, before you buy a mattress next time read that mattress reviews and ratings to get the correct picture of the mattress. 

Best mattress in india

For more details, visit: www.sleepspa.in/

You can also Call/Whatsapp on +91-9837058451.

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