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5 Differences Sleep Spa Vs. Sunday Rest Mattress

sunday rest mattress vs sleep spa mattress

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This is not a promotional blog but a complete awareness generating blog about the major differences between Sleep Spa and Sunday Rest mattress. The series also covers a detailed comparison between Sleep Spa & numerous online mattress brands in India.

You must have heard of the myth that buying a mattress online is not possible because it requires physical verification. But buying a mattress online has now become easy and convenient. What is still missing is not knowing which brand to go for which will offer an overall guide and explanation and assist you in buying the best mattress suitable for you.

Other than measuring your mattress and identifying the right size of the mattress, there are many more things that you have to focus on before finalizing the brand you want to go for:

  1. Years of service
  2. Response to customer grievance
  3. Natural Products used
  4. Support to body and health
  5. Customer review and response

Sleep Spa vs. Sunday Rest Mattress

Sunday Rest mattress is a new online mattress brand selling both mattress and pillow. Earlier we have compared  Sleepspa and Wakefit & Sleepspa and Flo mattress, so let’s us find the difference between Sunday Rest Mattress and Sleep Spa Mattress and make your mattress shopping easy.

1. Dual Comfort

Sleepspa offers dual comfort mattress so that those sleeping with their partner do not have to worry much about adusting. Sleep Spa Orthopaedic Dual Comfort Mattress: Hard & Soft High Resilience (HR) Foam Mattress makes it easy to buy and gives the right support as per the need.

Many want to sleep on a hard surface while other want to have a little bouncy touch, so why compromise and sleep separately.

2. 34 years of Experience

The research and development work at Sleepspa have 34 years of experience and our team is well aware of the requirement of different types of people, back and spinal issues, and what materials (when used in the mattress) will provide a plausible solution to the issues. But as compared to Sleep Spa, Sunday Rest Mattress brand is hardly 5 years old and does not offer different types of mattresses.

It takes some time to know your customers and understand that it is not just the foam that makes the mattress best but the manufacturing process, the materials used, and the mattress configuration that builds the perfect mattress.

3. 24*7 Customer Support

Sleep team at Sleepspa offers 24*7 customer support which includes talking to the customers, knowing the probable back or spinal issues or intended result, and support they are expecting from the mattress. Thus, guiding which mattress to buy and assisting even after they have bought the mattress.

With an easy return and exchange policy, the team ensures that no customers are unsatisfied.

4. Natural Mattress

To assure 8 hours of undisturbed and healthy sleep, Sleep spa has a collection of natural products based on mattresses. Latex mattress, Coir Mattress, Aloe vera infused mattress, or Bamboo mattress, each is coupled with Orthopaedic comfort. This makes Sleep Spa one of the first mattress brands to come up with such innovative products.

It helps in having a healthy and fresh sleep environment and as hypoallergenic as possible.

organic mattress
Aloe Vera Infused Organic Mattress

5. Saving, Discounts & Reviews

With no issue of middle man, Sleep spa charges the least it can and offers discount all year long on it’s different types of mattresses. On special occasions, more than 50% saving is offered and default fast delivery and easy return facility.

One should know that not all mattress is good for proving the right support. Neither does one type of mattress suits everyone. Different body types have different sleeping needs and support requirement. Therefore, they should choose what’s best for them, not what’s best for everyone. For every body type, there is a different mattress which is can be customized on the demand of the customers.

Upto 11 Years Mattress Warranty

Before buying a mattress, one should make sure that Customer reviews and Ratings and relied upon as well.

We can you can make the better choice now. That’s all for today. We would be back again with another grave comparison.

To Happy Naps,

Team Sleep Spa

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