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Sanitized Mattress-A Shield Against COVID-19

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Nobody knows the escape route from Coronavirus, be it the health ministry or WHO. All are taking every possible step to reduce the rate of the virus spread till the time a vaccine is made. Lockdown and social-distancing seem to be the only plausible step to avoid contact and meeting people who are infected but have not started to show symptoms. It may take a maximum of 14 days for the symptoms to pop-up and hence staying home and avoiding human contact is the only possible measure to keep yourself safe.

You need to have a strong immunity which means a good and undisturbed sleep, healthy meal plan, mild exercise and a good mood to stay mentally fit to beat the lockdown blues. To make it easy for people to stay safe even while inside their house, Sleepspa offers Sanitized mattress with advanced Herb Fresh Technology.

What is a Sanitised Mattress?

With the use of Herb Fresh Technology during the mattress manufacturing, the mattress is passed through a Laminar Airflow Chamber. It means the mattress is exposed to high pressure and UV rays to kill any bacteria or virus in it. It also protects from harmful bacteria and viruses for the mattress’s whole lifespan. Additionally, it has the following benefits-

  1. It has Herb Fresh fabric which means it would be free from bad odor, dust mites, fungus and bacteria and any other allergies.
  2. Prolonged Product protection from inside binding cell wall which retrains the growth of Microbes inside the mattress.
  3. The mattress has a Green Seal which means whenever you lay down or sit on the mattress, your environment would he Healthy and Hygienic.
sanitised mattress

It is important to have a sound sleep so that you are relaxed and your immunity is good. Disturbed sleep causes dizziness and irritation which further affects the normal functioning of the body.

Aloe Vera is known to soothe your sense and has medicinal properties. It is infused in many of our mattresses to keep your body free from allergies while you are sleeping. Aloe Vera infused mattress is one such sanitized mattress that is made from Herb Fresh Technology.

Contact Less Delivery of your Sanitised Mattress At Your Doorstep 

The Coronavirus is known to survive at different surfaces for a different time span. Sleep spa makes sure that the manufacturing process is hygienic and free from human contact.

  • Daily temperature check is done of the employees.
  • The manufacturing unit is sanitized twice a day.
  • People work wearing masks and gloves.
  • They are reminded to wash their hands every two hours.
  • Each worker is equipped with their personal sanitizer.
  • Before production, the raw material is sanitized.
  • The delivery vehicle is sanitized.
  • Proper Social distancing is followed all throughout the above steps.

Each Sleep Spa Mattress made is untouched and safe for all. Once you place the order, your mattress is packed in HDPE bag or cardboard with strong packing inside.

  • Our delivery executive will deliver the mattress at your doorstep.
  • Once the mattress is dropped at your doorstep, you’ll get a call for confirmation.
  • The Delivery executive will stand 6ft away to confirm the order. 
  • As a precautionary step, please leave the package outside for 24 hours.
contact less delivery

The mattress that you get is well sanitized by the team and made from Herb Fresh Technology.

Do not compromise your comfort of sleep and keep it healthy and fresh. Sleep and immunity are directly related. In today’s difficult times, Immunity and relaxed mind go a long way.

Order today your sanitised mattress today and Stay Safe.

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