Must Have Furniture For This Festive Season
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Must Have Furniture For This Festive Season


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With festive seasons, comes a lot of hustle and bustle at home with regard to décor ideas and shopping. Usually, people wait for some big event or celebration to replace their old furniture or renew existing one. It is just a hack so that their interiors brighten up and the guests feel Waoo!!!

Furniture has the most impactful effect at home as it covers a major area of dining and living room. Hence, it should be the best of all. So, as your family and friends come over for celebrations, make sure you have these best furniture options for your home-

1. Mulberry Rest To Style Your Bedroom

To revamp your bedroom, Mulberry rest is the best of all available combo options. With  light weight comforter and cushions, it feels absolutely comfortable to just lie down on this humble abode. Also, don’t forget that extra cosy feeling when you lie down for sleep.

Get a deluxe setting at your home with this 6-piece bed-in-a-bag set. It is available in a wide range of colour options for bedsheet, comforter and pillows.


2. Space Saver Sofa

During festivals, usually most of us plan a get together so that all friends and family members can meet at one place. You get to relive the old days and share your happy moments with each other. With 6-7 people together, you need something that is spacious, unique and stylish.

Go for Sleep Spa’s space saving 3-in-1 Sofa beds that will save space and look cosy. While you play cards, Tambola or want to just enjoy your meal, use this piece of furniture as a sofa. When you are tired or want a cosy movie setting, transform it into a fully size bed without shifting to another room.

3. Comfortable Chairs

Festival means taking a break from office and work life. While majority of us have a desk job, it leaves us with a lot of back and body pain. This is because you have to work at stretch with little or no break. During COVID-19, mostly all offices shifted to work-from-home and we have lost the habit of sitting on a chair. Our body still wants to continue with 24*7 work from bed and it will take a bit of time to come back to normal. This is another reason why many of us have started facing serious back and body pain.

These ergonomic chairs might not be attractive, but it will release pressure points and make you feel comfortable while you work efficiently all day. For an added orthopaedic comfort, set its height and back comfort as per your requirement and chill.

Office chair

4. Floor Bed with Comfortable Mattress

Setting up a floor bed in the corner of the living is the new budget friendly option. You can simply lay a carpet and place a mattress on top of it.

At Sleep Spa, you have the option to get your mattress customized as per the required height, comfort and support. Made from Herb-fresh technology, you don’t have to worry about the growth of microbes in your bedroom. You can simply relax, sleep and enjoy as per your comfort.

Floor bed mattress

5. Side Tables For Table Lamp & Snacks

Look for simple side tables that you can keep at the corner of your bed or in the living area. Turn into a decor stop for your guests during the party. You can either place a beautiful candle stand or an elegant vase along with some fresh flowers.

You can even use it as a snack or coffee table during the party. After the party, double it up as a aromatic candle desk for peaceful sleep.

Table Lamp

Don’t let anything lessen your festive vibe and excitement. Look for simple yet elegant ideas for this festive season. Lighten up your home with good vibes and positivity around you. Pandemic was difficult for all of us. So, don’t forget to let loose and invite your friends for some cheerful memories.

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