Sleep hacks to Connect your Sleep and Creativity
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Sleep hacks to Connect your Sleep and Creativity

Sleep Hacks

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It is known to be commonly heard advice, ‘sleep on it’ because it is believed that restructuring of the memory is done when you sleep. The right side of your brain which is responsible for bring a creative solution, gets restructured and you are able to be more productive and get functional on your though when you get up the next morning.

You right side of the brain is known to be more active after you get a good sound sleep. Your right side of the brain gets boost up during slow-wave sleep or deep sleep as your memory gets restructured. When you get up the next morning there is a synthesis of fresh information which ultimately leaves you more creative and active.

Connection between Sleep and Creativity

It is experienced by famous people that most of their creative outcome was experience in the dream. Dreams helps you to draw connection between unconnected things, while some say that when in dreams our unconscious state is able to find solution to our issues and problems that arose when we were awake or when people are in waking lives.

Similar to dream is Hypnagogia, it is also a dream like state but occurs for a short period of time that we experience between sleep and awake. This gives a spark of inspiration to the person of the dream he/she just had. It also boosts your creativity and problem-solving ability.

Sleep Hacks You should Try to be More Creative

Sleep with Your problem

Sleep Hacks

Give your brain some time to relax, wander and walk through different paths. When your mind in is the relaxing mode, it might work on unproductive things but it leaves an insight to your life problems. Before sleeping, think of the problem and you may get a viable solution for the issues you are facing. Many people avoid this sleep hack. You might have questions like “If I keep thinking even before going off to bed, how will I sleep?” We suggest you to only think about your solutions for 5-10 minutes before sleeping so that you can doze off easily after that.

Practice a Sleep Routine

Avoid sleeping with your gadgets around. Try reading good books before you sleep. Sleep in a clean and healthy environment. Eat before 8 PM. Try having at least 7 hours of sound and undisturbed sleep.

Buying Yourself a Good Mattress

Good Mattress

People ignore that not only a healthy diet plan and exercise, but also, a good mattress is required to have an undisturbed sleep. Restructuring of memory takes place when you are in deep and sound sleep. However, lower quality mattress leads to back pain and tossing all night which keeps you awake all night.

The mattress you buy should be of the finest quality so that your sleep environment is healthy and you don’t face any body problem the next day. Quality of foam, fabric, springs, natural and organic products infusion are few of the essential things that is to be seen before you buy a mattress to avoid restlessness and boost creativity. Good sleep begins with Sleep Spa Orthopaedic

Dual Comfort Mattress . This dual- sided foam mattress is designed to offer your body proper support it needs to enjoy a restful sleep. It allows in adjusting adequately with the curvatures of the body structure and relives back pain.

Additionally, a Sleep Spa mattress keeps you comfortable all night. It relieves pressure which results in good dream and restructuring of your brain. Buy our Orthopaedic Dual Comfort Mattress, click here .

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