Why buying a mattress online is no longer a hassle?
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Why buying a mattress online is no longer a hassle?

Mattress Online

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World is moving towards digitalization with an aim to make things easy, convenient and simple for all. From buying electronics to ordering food online, everything is just one click away. However, people are still not able to rely on online marketing for buying things that requires manual verification and self- testing. Things like jewelry, certain cosmetic products, mattress for home are few of those items that are believed to be not an item to be bought online as the chance of getting damaged item or poor-quality product is high.

To overcome this myth and help you to save your time and avoid getting harassed by the offline stores who offer exorbitant price for a low-quality mattress with minimal year of warranty and no return policy.

Benefit of Buying Mattress from Sleep Spa

Mattress Online

Sleep Spa believes in eliminating the myth that mattress can only be bought from the store. It offers every customer to sit back and order from the wide range of Sleep Spa mattress. Unique features of the mattress:

  • For every body type, different mattress is offered
  • Durable and long-lasting options
  • Offers pain-free and long-lasting sleep
  • Comfort and excellent support to your spine and body
  • Innerspring makes the mattress comfortable and lighter

From selecting the high-quality foam to using the perfect innerspring, Sleep Spa cater to the need of all types of customers who are looking for varied time of mattress. Their objective is to help the crowd in selecting the right mattress according to their body type and eliminate the unorganized mattress brand from the market.

Go Digital, Get Assured

Mattress Online

Buy online the best Orthopedic Mattress which will not only satisfy you during the sleeping hours but will have a long-lasting warranty. With 30+ years of experience, the team offers one of the most advanced mattresses that gives you a sound sleep. Unique features of buying mattress online from them:

  • Free delivery at your doorsteps
  • Offer great discounts at a wide range and quality of mattress
  • Easy exchange and Return policy
  • Any exceptional benefit of getting 30 nights or 100 nights Trial offer

Sleep Spa will make sure that the best is delivered to you with an option of easy return and exchange. The mattress is warrantied against any manufacturing defect for a period of 1 to 11 years from the date of purchase, depending on the mattress model. In case of any manufacturing defect within the first year of purchase of the mattress with a warranty for more than 1 year, the mattress will be repaired or replaced with an identical product.

One of the major benefits which buying online is eliminating the middle man thereby reducing the extra cost that is included in the market price of the mattress. In the normal course, price of the mattress includes the cost that is incurred from getting it to the manufacturer to delivering it to the final consumer which ultimately increases the price that the person has to pay.

Hence, we at sleep spa aims to reduce the cost burden that the consumer has to pay and offer them easy online service with an assurance of return and replacement in case or damage or fault in the mattress.

What made them go Online was the zeal of offering and making available at every corner to every people one of the best mattress. After a hectic work hour, what we need is a sound and comfortable sleep. The Talalay latex layer gives an excellent support to your spine and body and removes all your tension during sleep.

Recently, Sleep Spa has launched its 100% organic latex with 11 years of warranty. Order today and enjoy the uncompromising comfort during your sleep hours with an assurance of easy return and exchange.

Best mattress in india

For more details, visit: www.sleepspa.in/

You can also Call/Whatsapp on +91-9837058451 and get assistance in choosing the right mattress.

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