Is Latex Mattress The Best Mattress Type?
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Is Latex Mattress the Best Mattress Type?

Latex mattress online

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Buying a latex mattress is now easy! Read this guide and know everything about natural latex mattresses available online.

Many of you might be wondering-“Which is the best mattress?”There are various options available of which you might have not heard before. Technology has helped people to move towards organic living. It has acted as a catalyst to get rid of body pain and have a peaceful sleep. While Organic mattress is the new favourite, you might be confused as to which one to go for.

Latex Mattress is known to be one of the best mattresses for a rich sleep experience. It is made from natural material that is pure and organic. However, not all Latex mattresses are pure. Few manufacturing companies mix synthetic or other chemicals to manufacture a latex mattress. Before you pick one for yourself, it is important that you know the types of latex mattresses available in the market. Understand the cons and benefits of a Latex mattress and how latex is better that many other mattresses.

What is a Latex Mattress?

Latex Mattress

The rubber sap is harvested in a sustainable process from a trees. This sap is then shipped to the manufacturing unit to make latex mould. It is similar to how people of north east harvest maple syrup from sugar maples. Latex being a natural material carries abundant benefits for the body. It acts as a pain relief for those having back and spinal issues.

The rubber sap is poured into a mould to form a mattress. Many mattress brands in India mix other natural or synthetic elements in tis mixture. However, each Sleep Spa latex mattress is made with 100% pure latex layer. These natural materials help to eliminate the use of synthetic products and avoids odour and respiratory issues during sleep.

Types of Latex Mattress

Not all Latex mattresses are 100% natural. With different foams used in making the mattress, there is high probability of use of synthetic which makes the Latex lose its organic benefits.

  1. 100% Natural latex Mattress: Made from the sap of rubber tea without mixing any synthetic or chemical. It has anti-microbe properties which keeps the mattress breathable and safe while sleeping.
  2. Synthetic Latex Mattress: It is mixture of chemical and synthetic products which forces it to lose the natural benefits, making it unfit for use.
  3. Mixture of Natural and Synthetic: It is a blend of both and is generally less preferred over 100% Latex Mattress.

Benefits of 100% Natural Latex Mattress

Latex Mattress

Known for its natural properties, a latex mattress tends to offer better support to the body with added features of offering perfect body alignment. Its advantages include:

  • Promotes Pain Relief

It has a soft-sinking feeling. A latex mattress distributes the body weight equally which gives natural spinal alignment and supports the body from all sides. With good pressure distribution, your blood circulation gets improved and you sleep peacefully in the desired posture.

  • Automatic Temperature Regulation

Latex Mattress

The open-cell structure of natural latex keeps the mattress cool and fresh all night and you will sleep undisturbed. Low-quality mattress heat-up especially during summers which makes you sweat and causes irritation as it breaks your deep sleep. Fabric and wool used over the latex makes it cosy and regulates as per the outside temperature.

  • Perfect Breathability

As there is no use of chemicals, Latex keeps the mattress fresh and pure. Premium Bamboo fabric and 100% Natural latex allows a healthy sleep environment and you are free from respiratory problems. Those who have asthma or are prone to cough and cold should switch to aLatex mattress for a better and healthy sleep.

  • Anti-Dust mite and Anti-bacterial

Made from Zero-microbe technology, it eliminates the growth of microbes and fungus on the mattress. Latex does not allow bacteria or mites to sit in the mattress which makes it less congested for sleep.

From young to old, people from all generation have started to complain of severe back pain and spinal issues. This is majorly because of desk-job and long working hours. Hence it is advisable to buy a mattress that is natural and organic. You cannot change your sleep posture, but you can surely buy a mattress that allows you to sleep in your favourite posture.

Comparing Latex Mattress with Other Mattresses

If you are deep into your mattress research, you must have already understood about the different types of mattresses. However, you might be confused about the various benefits of each mattress. So here we have a comparison for you to make online mattress shopping easy and convenient.

CriteriaLatexMemory FoamSpring
Temperature regulationYesYesNo
Motion IsolationYesYesNo
Pressure reliefYesYesNo

It is just an approximate analysis based on customer rating about various mattress types. It is subject to change and may vary.

Ask Yourself

It is important that before you buy a mattress, you self-analyse your sleep issues and expectations. You have to be aware of the problems you are facing with your existing mattress.

If the following statement is correct for you, then a Latex Mattress is surely the best sleep partner for you:

  • Want to sleep on natural and organic mattress to avoid exposure to synthetic material that causes unhealthy sleep environment.
  • Looking to invest in mattress with more than 10 years of warranty, i.e., Durable.
  • You want to sleep on a cool surface to avoid over-heating of mattress at night.
  • Avoid Toss & Turn of mattress all night.
  • Want to sleep with your partner and at the same time have a motion isolation to avoid disturbance in case you partner turns or move at night.
  • Looking for optimal support and pressure relief for better blood circulation.
  • Want to switch to eco-friendly products.

If these are what you are looking for, then do not wait. Buy 100% Natural Latex mattress and have a healthy sleep. Sleep Spa makesnatural latex mattresses which are suitable for people suffering from orthopaedic problems in the shoulder, hips and lower back region or have respiratory problems.

Our sleep experts would guide you to make an informed choice in buying the best mattress for you. Analyse your sleep issues and then buy a mattress. With 100 Nights Trial on our 100% Latex mattress, it becomes easy to rely on our team and avoid post-buying issues.

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