What Is So Unique About Organic Mattresses?
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What Is So Unique About Organic Mattresses?

Organic Mattress

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On average people spend 1/3rd of their life sleeping and going by this assumption you would be sleeping 20-25 years of your life. All of us are now switching to organic and pure food items because we care about our health and try all means to keep ourselves healthy. But we fail to draw our attention to the 20-25 years of life where we all will surely be sleeping. So, is it not reasonable to find Organic Mattress for ourself and for our family and remain fit and healthy all day long?

An organic mattress is free of chemicals and processing. We may not notice the drawback of non-organic mattress in the short-run but they leave a long-term impact on our body as the chemical used are highly toxic which may result in allergy from dust, respiratory problems, asthma, spinal issues, neck pain, lower body pain, uncomfortable sleep and an unhealthy sleep environment etc.

Unique Features of Organic Mattress:

  • Dust Free and Anti-Bacterial
  • The insulating material in organic mattress keeps it cool in Summer and warm in Winters
  • Free from Chemicals and Processing
  • No synthetic materials are used thereby eliminating allergy and asthma issues
  • Made of biodegradable materials and hence, Environment-friendly
  • You can customize your mattress depending on its firmness
  • Absorbent, moisture-wicking properties
  • Natural fire-resistant properties
  • They can regulate moisture and heat

It is important that we focus on our sleeping hours as today we have very less time for work-out and stretching. Sleeping in an uncomfortable and synthetic mattress can lead to serious health issues. However, it is difficult to find authentic and 100% Organic mattress.

organic mattress with aloe vera

Say Goodbye to Disturbed Sleep

Normal mattress generally causes discomfort and disturbance during sleep. It is time to change your mattress and buy 100% natural and organic mattress. It will provide healthy and a hygienic atmosphere to live in with an added benefit of:

1. Zero Partner Disturbance

The natural material used will help you to have a stable sleep without any motion and roll during sleep.

2. Solution to Orthopaedic Problems

A Normal mattress has hard and uneasy foam that causes spinal, lower back or even shoulder issues. Organic mattress keeps your body in shape and your body is relieved from tension and stress.

3. 100% natural Fabric

They are perfectly knit without any use of glue and synthetic material which improves the quality of sleep and you feel fresh and healthy all day long.

Be Vigilant When Buying An Organic Mattress

Latex mattress

Before switching to an organic mattress, read about it and check it inside out. People generally ask as to what are the pre-requisite or criteria to make sure that they are not cheated and the mattress bought by them is actually organic. In such a case, ask about the following things:

  1. Fabric, cotton, foam and especially the Latex
  2. Durability and Life Span
  3. Ingredients used in making the mattress
  4. Certification to assure that the mattress is organic

Sleep Spa team believes in offering every customer the best from the available options.  Our aim is to retain the customers for lifetime and hence we give an option of 100 nights Trial option on our 100% organic mattress with an extended 11 years durability. We offer 100% natural organic Latex mattress that is harvested from rubber tree. It supports your body and gives an overall healthy environment.

We eliminate the middle man between the customer and the manufacturer and offer mattresses online at a reasonable rate compared to other exorbitantly tagged organic mattresses. Our mattress is elastic, biodegradable and a long-term budget-friendly solution to your sleep problems. Order today and have an undisturbed sleep.

Best mattress in india

For more details, visit: www.sleepspa.in/

You can also Call/Whatsapp on +91-9837058451 and get assistance in choosing the right mattress.

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