Which is Better: Memory Foam Pillow or Latex?
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Which is Better: Memory Foam Pillow or Latex?

memory foam pillow

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Do you feel pain and ache in the neck and shoulder after you wake up in the morning? This has now become a common issue among a majority of people. They experience severe pain around their neck or shoulder when they wake up after sleep. It may be due to the quality of pillow you are using on bed when sleeping or resting your head-on.

The quality of foam inside your pillow plays a vital role. You have to be a smart buyer when buying a pillow or mattress. But how will you decide which pillow is good for your neck?Memory Foam pillow or Latex?

Read below to find the features and benefits of both-

Natural Latex Pillow:

Latex is a decade old used material and is widely used by people who have shoulder or neck pain. Be it in a mattress or in a pillow, it gives relief in the pressure points and eliminates pain. It is made from the sap of a specific rubber tree know as Hevea Brasilienis. Sap is further foamed and it brings an endless number of tiny bubbles and this gives a softness and a bouncy texture in the foam.

With time people have started to add different types of chemicals and synthetic and the original durability and bounciness of the latex foam is lost. Hence, it is required that you research well about the brand and mattress before buying.

Features of Latex Pillow and Its Benefits

  • Better durability, it lasts longer 
  • It supports as per the shape of your head and neck
  • Not rigid
  • Softer in touch as compared to memory pillow
  • Anti-fungal and anti-bacterial
  • Keeps the sleep environment healthy
  • Self-regulates the temperature which means that you would have a balanced sleep environment.

You don’t have to toss and turn the pillow all night. You will get up fresh, without any uneasiness.

Memory Foam Pillow:

Originally made for the astronauts, memory foam is made from viscoelastic polyurethane. Its property is unique and different. It may look firm when you buy it but eventually, it would get soft by using the heat of your body.

It takes the shape of your body and will bounce back and take its original shape once you get up from it. Memory foam pillow gives a cushioning feeling and molds as per the body requirement.

Features of Memory Foam Pillow and Its Benefits

  • Like a contour pillow, it holds the curve of your shoulder and neck
  • Relives pressure
  • Hold the weight of head, neck and shoulder evenly
  • highly energy absorbent

Memory foam pillow will relieve you from neck pain and will keep you away from any type of pain when in sleep. For those who keep turning the pillow will not get disturbed because the foam will take the shape quickly and you would have a peaceful sleep. With memory foam pillow, you morning would be fresh and active.

You have two options when buying a Memory foam pillow: High- and Low-density Memory foam pillow. Both are equally comfortable, only difference is the price. Be it Sleespa Cervical Pillow memory foam pillow or Contour Memory Foam Pillow, both provide a natural spinal alignment and you don’t have to compromise your sleep.

Depending upon the body requirement, you can choose the type of foam you require and which one will offer the best support to your head. Choose from the different types of Latex Pillow and Memory foam pillow and wake up rejuvenated.

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