7 Myths about Memory Foam Mattresses
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7 Myths about Memory Foam Mattresses

memory foam mattresses myth

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Memory Foam was originally invented by NASA by using a material called Viscoelastic. It was crafted to be used in the space shuttles. However, now it is popularly used in making memory foam mattresses and pillows. These products give balanced support to your body and neck when on rest. Memory foam takes the shape of your body and gives a bouncy texture, pain relief to your back and the support is distributed equally amognst the curves of your body.

When you go out to buy a mattress, you have to struggle a lot and an additional amount of untrue information makes it even more difficult to purchase a mattress. One myth about memory foam mattresses is that it will make you sweat. So, here we are to let you know 7 myths about Memory Foam Mattresses-

1. Memory foam is toxic and Has Foul Smell.

People avoid buying a memory foam mattress because it is believed to be toxic. They believe it will make your sleep environment allergic.

Fact: Sleep spa offers a wide range of Organic and Orthopedic Memory foam mattresses made from aloe vera gel, Bamboo charcoal, cool gel, and Green tea, etc. Whether you buy a mattress online or from a store near you, make sure that the memory foam mattress-

  • Has Low VOC (volatile organic compounds) emission
  • Is not having a high composition of heavy metals
  • Does not contains chemicals
  • Does not have any use of PBDE flame retardants

2. Memory Foam Mattress Will Make You Sweat.

Myth among the majority is that memory foam does not have a temperature regulator and you will sweat in hot weather.

Fact: Foam regulates the temperature and the mattress is cold in summers and hot in winters. Our Aloe Vera mattress has Border 3D Ventilation and special air mesh design which helps in air circulation and thereby provides comfort to the body.

Sleep Spa Vs. Flo Mattress -Aloe Vera Fabric

3. Foam Would Sink.

People believe that because the mattress moulds as per our body shape, it will start sagging.

Fact: Memory foam takes back its original shape, once you get up from your bed. Its bouncy texture and body-hugging comfort gives a relaxed and disturbance-free sleep.

4. In Memory Foam, You Can’t Turn During Sleep.

Fact: Sleep Spa memory foam mattresses have a Zero Partner Disturbance feature. The construction is built such that your partner can sleep undisturbed. Sleep Spa Memory Foam Mattresses proffer a feeling of soft and gentle comfort that’s underpinned by a well-balanced layer of support. For extra padding and for a super comfortable feel, all our memory foam mattresses are completed with a fancy quilted design.

5. Loses Density and Durability is a Short-Time Span.

Fact: This is subjective because it varies from brand to brand. Read and Research well before use. Sleep Spa mattress have high durability and more than 7 years of warranty. 

We even offer a trial period on some of our memory foam mattresses.

6. It is Too Expensive.

When you go to a mattress store and buy a mattress, the cost includes the price of all middle man that came in between the manufacturer and the ultimate seller. 

Fact: Buying a mattress online is reasonable and simple. You directly pay the manufacturer and eliminate all the unnecessary costs. When you buy a memory foam mattress online from Sleep Spa, you will get a wide range of discounts and a reasonable price for all products.

Additionally, you have an option to choose as per your budget from the wide range of memory foam mattresses which includes charcoal memory foam, aloe vera memory foam, cool gel memory foam, green tea memory foam and many more.


7. Latex and Memory Foam Mattress is Same.

This is not true because both are totally different type of mattress, in terms of both quality and features. Latex majorly comes from rubber tree and memory foam is made from polyurethane using different natural material and high-level technology.

Avoid getting trapped in these myths and visit our online store today to buy a memory foam mattress.

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For more details, visit: https://www.sleepspa.in/product-category/mattress/memory-foam-mattress/

You can also Call/Whatsapp on +91-9837058451 and get assistance in choosing the right mattress.

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