10 Reasons Not To Get Out Of Bed This Winter
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10 Reasons Not To Get Out Of Bed This Winter

How to Stay in Bed in winters

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Everyone loves to go out but when it’s winter and your cosy bed calls you with sweet nicknames, it’s the only thing you start craving for. So let’s dedicate this weekend to our beloved and true love- Our snuggly mattress. And we are all game to help you come up with excuses to stay in bed this winter. 

1. Laziness

Do you keep wondering “I don’t want to get out of my bed”, “It’s too cold outside”, “ I don’t want to change into my sweat pants and go to the Gym”? We feel you. 

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2. Late Night Binge-Watching

What’s better than cosying up in your covers with a cup of hot chocolate and a nice romantic movie? Especially after Netflix and Amazon Prime have launched their Christmas and New Year exclusive movies. 

3. Cloud-Like Comfort

Your bed suddenly feels more comfortable in winters. Yes, we have heard this from many people. Your bed feels as soft as baby cheeks and definitely the best and the softest. 

4. Social Stalking

Because stalking your crush and his best friends is always more important than getting out of bed to make food. Besides, you can always rely on home deliveries thanx to Zomato and Swiggy. 

5. Online Shopping

Even after exploring your wardrobe full of clothes for hours, you have nothing to wear. And the best online shopping is always that is done impulsively. Don’t you agree with us?

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6. Difficult Drive sessions

Driving is a nuisance in winter. You can’t feel your hands and legs in this chilly winter, forget about driving to the office. 

7. Which brings us to our next reason, No Work Day!

Don’t you just wish just like school, your boss also declares a holiday because it’s too cold to work? Seems like a dream right? But a dream we would love to dream. 

8. Listen To Your Heart

Your brain will always tell you to get out of bed and complete your daily chores but what about our heart? It’s time you listen to your heart for 1 day and decide to skip chores and just laze around in your PJ’s. 

9. No PDA Today!

You are in no mood for PDA or to go out and meet people who are still at their chirpy best in this chilly winter. But you don’t mind some cuddling in your bed because it’s the cosiest PDA (Private Display of Affection) you can indulge in. 

10. Sleep

When was the last time you enjoyed blissful sleep in the comfort haven of your mattress? It’s a mansion filled with positive vibes and warmth that will only pull you close and never break your heart. 

We hope we have set the mood for this weekend and staying in bed will your favourite pastime this winter. And a big salute to all those workaholics who worship work more than sleep and getting up at 6 AM is their daily regime even in winters. We hail you!

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