7 Drastic Reasons Why You Should Never Buy a Cheap Mattress Ever
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7 Drastic Reasons Why You Should Never Buy a Cheap Mattress Ever


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Your sleep has a long-term on your health: both physical and mental wellbeing. Without a proper 8-hours of sound sleep, your body does not have the required energy to function through the day without any tiredness or laziness.

A bowl full of nutrient with regular back and full-body exercise is a key to a healthy balanced life. Giving 1 hour to yourself for exercise or brisk walking is vital to avoid pain and body stress. While these things are primary for a healthy life, a proper sleep cannot be avoided.

And one of the best ways to enhance your sleep quality and sleep hours is to sleep on a comfortable and hygienic mattress. While many us ignore this factor and have been adamant on not investing on a good sleep mattress, who have chosen orthopaedic or natural latex mattress have seen an evident change in their overall lifestyle and work. Hence, it is important that you start releasing that investing on a cheap mattress will have a long-term impact on your body and you will have a disturbed sleep and lazy mornings.

Reasons Why you Should Never Invest in a Cheap Mattress

A cheap quality mattress or a sub-standard mattress have never been a good option. It gives you lethargic the whole day and irritated at night. Here is why buying a cheap mattress is never a good option:

1. Back and Neck pain

Whenever you sleep, it is vital that you body is at the perfect alignment, i.e., your spine and neck are in the correct posture. Sleep on a cheap mattress means that you will toss & turn the whole night to find the space on the mattress where you can sleep peacefully.

Not just the back but also your neck that needs a desired support. While some of you would switch to a better pillow, but those sagging mattress would again disturb the position of the pillow and disturb the sleep posture.

2. Allergic due to Unhealthy Sleep Environment

Issue of off-gassing is quite common in cheap quality mattress especially because of it being chemical infused and made from low-quality products. Use of sub-standard foam and fabric leads to serious respiratory issues that causes running nose and headache during sleep and at times you feel nausea.

3. Increased Joint Pain

Old people have arthritis issues and they need a good support during the night or even during the day hours when they wish to rest. While the pain would not go in a day, buying a cheap mattress that is either too hard or too soft for your body type will eventually increase the joint and muscles pain and you would face an increase in joint pain.

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4. Weight Gain Due to Lack of Sleep

Lack of sleep causes hormonal imbalance resulting into overeating. Leptin and Ghrelin are types of hormones, while the former decreases your appetite the later increases the same and both play a major role in regulating the body weight.

Disturbance in sleep causes disturbance in Leptin and we tend it eat more and more. Hence, it is time to not just focus on your dieting and exercise but also consider your sleep patterns and quality an important factor in managing your health.

5. Over-heating of the Mattress

A common issue with almost every cheap mattress, lack of proper spring construction inside the mattress blocks the passage of air and leads to sweating when you sleep. While some like to sleep on a warm or neutral temperature mattress and others on a cold-mattress, automatic-temperature regulation should be an important factor that anyone who is switching to a new mattress should consider to avoid over-heating of your sleep environment.

6. Insomnia or Sleep Disturbance

Sleeping on a mattress that will make you toss & turn the whole night will cause a serious sleep disturbance and you won’t be able to sleep for day sometimes leading to sleep problems like insomnia.

Your body needs a required comfort, its favourite sleep posture and zero-interference from outside factors for a 7+ hours of peaceful sleep. Issues like sinking of foam, disturbance in the body-alignment leads to sleep issues and you wake up lazy and irritated.

7. Growth of Bugs and Dust Mites

Chemical infused mattress give birth to bacteria and fungus in and around the mattress causing sleep issues. Moreover, your sweat and other dust on the mattress attract Bugs and make it unbearable. Hence, if you are planning to invest in a cheap mattress then it surely needs a re-consideration.

Invest in a Natural or Orthopaedic Sleepspa Mattress Today

A cheap mattress is surely a bad option. At Sleepspa you will explore a wide range of comfortable mattress that would offer a pleasant and cosy sleep. Before investing in a mattress, it is important to consider the following factors to avoid sleep disturbance at night:

  • Pressure point relief which would keep you free from body and back pain
  • Doctor Recommended to avoided experiment
  • Perfect Sleep Alignment due to the optimum stiffness of the mattress
  • Automatic Temperature Regulation which would keep the mattress cold in summer and warn in winters
  • Hypoallergenic which will keep you free from respiratory issues
  • Zero Partner Disturbance as the mattress will contour to the shape of your body

Sleep Spa Premium Orthopaedic Memory Foam with Cool Gel Mattress is one of the best option from a perfect sleep mattress which is both comfortable and built for healthy spinal alignment. The memory foam mattress is induced with cool gel that keeps the mattress cool even during hot summer nights. With an extensive 7 years of warranty, Cool Gel Memory foam mattress is perfect for those who are not a fan of sweaty wake-ups, even in winters. 

An undisturbed sleep is a key to a happy day at work and at home. Sleeping on a comfortable mattress would assure at least a stress-free sleep without worrying of laziness during the day and maximum productivity at work.

To know more, visit: https://www.sleepspa.in/

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