Which are the Best Natural Orthopaedic Mattresses for Back?
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Which are the Best Natural Orthopaedic Mattresses for Back?

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No more searching the internet for the best natural orthopaedic mattresses for back. We have curated the perfect guide for you, right here.

Have you ever talked to someone who is facing a severe back pain issue? It is like a nightmare for them because it will hardly let you sleep peacefully even after a long-tiring day. The reason for the growing number of patients with back problems is due to the long hours of a desk job.

And if you don’t go for the right mattress, the situation will become unbearable. It is because your body does not get the right back support and you spend your night tossing and turning on the mattress. Natural orthopaedic mattresses are known to be one of the most shopped mattresses by those who have back issues. It offers all over back support with following benefits:

  • Body-weight is evenly distributed with support from all sides
  • Releases pressure points
  • Keeps your body in the correct posture
  • Offers relief from Joint and spine disorder
  • Firm support to your body

4 Best Natural Orthopaedic Mattresses

Let’s find the most suitable back care mattress for your bed so you can enjoy the sound and peaceful sleep.

1. Organica Natural Latex Mattress

Organica Natural Latex Mattress

Known to be one of the best natural orthopaedic mattresses which instantly responds to your body weight and offers support from all edges. Organic Latex in the mattress offers outstanding support to the body and keeps your spine in the right position.

One of the many reasons for back pain is getting disturbed by your partner’s movement. In such cases, you instantly feel a jerk on your spine or back or shoulders. This is because of the low-quality mattress which does not have a motion isolation property. Sleep spa Organica mattress offers various benefits which include:

  • Temperature regulation maintains the correct temperature regulation and there is no issue of sweat when you sleep.
  • No issue of Motion Isolation and you sleep undisturbed.
  • Made from Herb Fresh technology which eliminates the growth of Microbes, dust Mites, bacteria, etc
  • The environment is friendly as it is chemical-free and no issue of foul smell.
  • It has a natural bounciness and takes body shape.

2. Nirvana 100% Pure Latex Mattress

Nirvana  Orthopaedic Mattress

Its organic and natural features keep your sleep environment fresh and pure. Harvested from rubber trees, it has 100% natural latex properties and 7-zone sleep support which makes it one of the best natural orthopaedic mattresses that offer correct support and uncompromising comfort.

Made from Talalay Latex technology, its organic latex property proffers various features to the mattress-

  • Adjust to body contour and gives all-over support to the spine and back
  • Zero Partner Disturbance which keeps you away from sudden jerks at night and avoids waking up disturbed.
  • Bamboo Fabric cover of premium quality which makes it Hypoallergenic and temperature regulating.
  • Support the pelvic and spine which helps in relieving tension and lower back pain.
  • Its open-cell structure allows 24*7 air circulation which keeps the mattress cold and free from overheating.

3. MEMOLATEX Hybrid Memory Foam and Latex Mattress


Normal mattresses generate heat during the night. This leads to body sweat which disturbs your sleep. Overheating and sagging of the mattress are one of the major reasons that cause issues to your body. It incurs because your spine does not get the desired spinal alignment. Memolatex is made from 100% Organic latex and is free from any chemical component that will lead to off-gassing or any other similar issue.

It is not only for those who have back pain. But if you want to avoid such problems in the future, you can opt for this natural orthopaedic mattress. Additionally, it is-

  • Made from Indonesian Talalay Technology and offers support of the HR foam layer.
  • Covered with Graphene Fabric which keeps it free from dust-mite and bacteria.
  • Infused with cool gel that offers natural air conditioning.

4. COCOLATEX Milk Fiber Coir & Latex Mattress


Many times, your mattress sags which lead to uneven sleep. This will make you spend all night tossing & turning the mattress. If your spine does not get the correct alignment, it is a serious issue and leads to various back and body pain. Sleep Spa Cocolatex Mattress is 100% natural and offers orthopaedic features along with the following benefits:

  • It is a Dual Comfort natural orthopaedic mattress that is firm from the coir side and medium-firm on the latex side.
  • Offers Zonal support and helps to get rid of the lower back, pelvic & shoulder pain and reduces the growth of such issues in the future.
  • Support from edges keeping the body in a balanced position.
  • Chemical-free which keeps the sleep environment healthy, odour free and Hypoallergenic.

For more details, visit: www.sleepspa.in/

You can also Call/WhatsApp on +91-9837058451 and get assistance in choosing one of the best natural orthopaedic mattresses.

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For more details, visit: www.sleepspa.in/

You can also Call/Whatsapp on +91-9837058451 and get assistance in choosing the right mattress.

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