Diwali Party Games You Can Play on Your Mattress/Zoom Call
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Diwali Party Games You Can Play on Your Mattress/Zoom Call

Diwali Zoom Party

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Diwali won’t be the same for those who used to have a family or friend get together and enjoyed the festive fever. We don’t know when our life will switch back to the normal mode of no social-distancing and warm hugs. But will don’t let the pandemic affect your Diwali mood. You don’t have to be bored during Diwali even during this festive season.

Though the physical presence of people around you has a different feeling and vibe, you can still enjoy and celebrate your Diwali 2021 with these exciting games via Zoom Class/WhatsApp Video call/Google Duo on your comfortable sofa or mattress.

1. Tambola: Indian Bingo

Diwali Games - Tambola

Tambola is an all-time favourite game for people of all age groups wherein you have to cut the numbers that are called out. You can keep 4 prize slots: Rows, 4-corners, Early-7, full house, etc.

Distribute the chits through WhatsApp and others can draw it on a sheet as it is. You may then start the game with some music and drinks. Cheers-to-online Tambola and lets the fun begin.

2. Keep a Dress Code

If you are the host of the Diwali Party and are inviting all the guests to your Zoom Diwali party, keep a theme for the party. Let the guests know about the theme before-hand so that they are prepared for it.

You can also decide a few questions and theme related prizes for the guest to make it fun. For example, if the theme is Bollywood then you can keep questions like (a) Who amongst us is most likely to be the best actor or (b) Who is wearing the fanciest clothes? etc.

3. Never Have I Ever

We know you are missing the booze you had last Diwali with your family and friends. But this time, let’s keep it fun. Arrange for drinks or coffee shots whatever you like in shot glasses. Make sure everyone has 10 glass shots with them.

Decide who will ask the question to whom. Begin the game and start asking questions you have never done in your life. If your friend has done that, he/she will have one shot and the circle continues till all the shots are over. You can choose a cool location like your couch or sofa-cum-bed which you can set as desired.

4. Pictionary


Everyone should have a white or blackboard; however, sheets or notebook will also work. Start from the top of your group video call, now the 1st person will draw a word and the first person to guess will win.

This can also be in a group, if there are two to three people in one place. In this case, one person in the group will draw and the other team will have to guess within a minute to win. Make it fun, by keeping a dare for the team who loses.

5. Heads Up

Heads Up

A simple yet fun game for your group to keep the festive fever going. Download the app and then choose the theme you want to play.

Now keep the phone on your head and a word/character will come which your friend on the other side of the video call will help you to guess. If you get a correct answer, you just have to tilt the phone forward and the next guess would come and in case you skip you just have to tilt it backward. Once your turn is over, your friend will then start and you will help him/her to guess.

6. Cook together

Cook together

More like a pot luck or just make cooking a fun event. Friends who stay nearby can meet at one place, this way you will have 2-3 people visible on 1 screen and cooking will be fun.

Pick your chits, as to who will cook what and keep a time limit. This will make your Diwali a little exciting and give you a little festive tiredness.

7. Name, place, animal, and thing

Name, place, animal, and thing

Brush up your general knowledge and vocab before you start the game. Minimize the video call to give a little space to the timer or have an extra person who will regulate the time and words. Let one person start and pick the alphabet to begin the game and see who is more aware of name, place, animal, and things.

While these are just a few of the games, there are many more like ludo-king, Psych, etc. However, it is important to know that online games will require long hours of sitting and you would need a back-friendly and comfortable mattress so that you don’t get tired while you play.

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