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Fragrances That Help You To Sleep Better


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Humans are known to be attracted and negated by smell. Moreover, smell or fragrance plays a vital role in our system. As per studies fragrances are known to affect our emotions as well as mental health. This therapy of using scents for curing illness is known as Aromatherapy that has been rapidly growing in popularity. Certain smells can instantly calm the turbulent mind while others can turn your mood more positive and vibrant. 

The lack of sleep and stress that today’s world has been complaining about is something we are not oblivion with.  In this blog, we have dealt in detail about how scents can help relax your muscles and drift you into the land of sweet dreams. This therapy has been used since the time of Romans and Egypt to induce sleep and transfer one into the paradise of tranquil sleep. So if you are someone who is hunting for a therapy which can help you get rid of sleeplessness here are listed top scents and their characteristics that are noted to be extremely effective in making one fall asleep.




While we all are well aware of Vanilla for its splendid taste, it is also rich with smell and aroma. The vanilla scent is known to have many positive effects on the human system, right from turning one’s mood positive to that of being an antidepressant in nature. Smelling this scent instantly soothes the environment and thereby calming the nerves of individuals puts them into a deep slumber. However, vanilla scent is available in many popular variants including Atelier which is a form of Vanilla essence Cologne that is the best-noted scent for instilling sleep.


lavender perfume

The Lavender herb is no less magical when it comes to ease one’s mind. It helps you channelize your energy in one straight point thereby reducing restlessness and feelings of anxiety. Additionally, it is one of the top noted scents recommended by aromatherapists for treating the trouble of insomnia and promoting deeper sleep into the system. Lavender essence also happens to be one of the most researched scents which happen to be also effective in reducing heart rate and lowering blood pressure which in short aids individuals in relaxing themselves thereby eventually falling asleep.

Popular Lavender Scents – Burberry, Jo Malone.



sandalwood fragrance

Since eons, sandalwood has ranked one of the top scents which have attracted perfume makers as well as incessant sticks makers. This scent is extremely soothing and has a soft aroma to it. Considering the various advantages of sandalwood, its smell has now progressed to becoming a favorite among perfume makers. As per studies, the aroma of sandalwood is known to increase brain activity but also boosts the feel of sleep. Moreover, it is also known to spread a feeling of warmth and makes the best essence to spread your room or to wear it as perfumes that reduce distributed sleep and also relieve one from cold and allergic reactions.

Popular fragrances – Tom Ford, Bverdo




Lemon is one fruit that is available easily. It can be mixed in water as well as used in preparing food. But are you aware of its use in aromatherapy wherein it is used as a popular essence to reduce stress levels in individuals? Lemon has a peculiar scent which is widely used in dishwashers, room fresheners as well as scents. This is because it is an effective fragrance that reduces anxiety and stress in individuals which thereby helps in reducing the trouble of insomnia. They are noted to be peculiarly effective for women who have attended menopause and are facing the trouble of falling asleep. Jo Malone is a popular scent of lemon that is widely used in aromatherapy.




Apart from being popular for the feel, it arises in people who are madly in love, the scent of rose is also known to affect the human system. Its aroma is soothing and sweet which softly lays its effect on the mind taking it out of turbulence. Rose oil is a popular scent used in Aromatherapy which is used widely used to treat the conditions of depressions, stress, as well as tensions. Moreover, it is proven to be a great remedy for insomnia, whose smell can induce one into pleasant sleep and get rid of stress. YSL Paris and Rose Ikebana are the most popular fragrances used by Aromatherapists to treat sleeplessness.

Not only are the scents easily accessible but also can be used in a varied manner such as extracts, essential oils in addition to colognes.

So when you are feeling drained and insomniac, spray a little around and reap its magic.

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