How to Check if a Mattress is a Natural Latex Mattress?
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How to Check if a Mattress is a Natural Latex Mattress?

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Buying a natural latex mattress is one of the significant challenges. One mistake and you can end up with a synthetically processed mattress that has no sustainability or durability.

Are you planning to buy a latex mattress and feel dicey, whether it’s natural Latex or a synthetic copy? Do not worry; such sceptical thoughts are natural for any human mind; we have helpful information to help you identify whether the mattress you want to purchase is an actual natural latex mattress.

Remember one thing: it is easy to locate the flaws but hard to identify whether it’s original or just a copy. Follow the guidelines below to have a fair idea before buying a Natural latex mattress-

What is a Natural Latex Mattress?

Natural Latex Mattress

The Mattress, entirely made of foam extracted from natural rubber plantation, is known as Latex Mattress. It is developed from rubber trees and is the most comfortable Mattress compared to hybrid or synthetic material. Latex is of various types, and while buying one, you should check the kind of Latex you are about to buy.

Types of Natural Latex Mattress

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  1. Talalay Latex- The fluffier one is Talalay Latex which is developed by freezing and injecting foam with air. It is considered a natural Latex but is an expensive type. Though it can be easily created with synthetic processes, you need to ensure the base material is organic.
  2. Dunlop Latex- The oldest kind of Latex with better firmness and highly supportive is Dunlop Latex. Most mattresses have it as the base layer, which is used to produce 100% natural latex mattresses.

Both the options are readily available in the market. Some prefer dunlop latex white others prefer talalay latex, as it is purer and more durable than dunlop.

Steps to identify Natural latex mattress

Online Latex Mattress
  • Step 1: Check the Specifications- Every product has some details mentioned clearly on the product; please make sure to go through the product details or talk to the brand directly to learn about the properties of the same. Understand details like the type of material, product certification, product features, warranty, making process etc. The various details will help you identify the type of Mattress, and you can quickly check whether it is organically created.
  • Step 2: Ask about the base material: The base material is the one that is expected to be the soul of the mattresses. It has to be strong enough to offer long durability. The base has to be sustainability procured and hence needs to be 100% organic. It is an essential detail that helps you to make the correct decision.
  • Step 3: Analyse the Certification of Mattress: Every authentic provider will offer a certified mattress. You need to check the certification provider’s authenticity and the details listed in the certificate. It will help you understand the product in a better way. The overall details of the products are briefly mentioned in the certificate. If you opt for a Sleep Spa Latex mattress, our mattress is 100% certified with Euro-Latex, Green Industry, ISI and many more certifications.
  • Step 4: Understand the product’s longevity: Durability of Mattress is essential as latex is an expensive mattress. One must check the warranty provided by the mattress brands in India. It will help you to understand the longevity of the product.
  • Step 5: Try and test it: The best way is to try the product and test the product by sleeping on it. Within a few minutes, you will be able to check the level of comfort provided by the product. Every customer needs to check the performance of the product. For example-Sleep Spa Nirvana 100% natural latex mattress comes with a 100 days trial period so you can easily try and test out the mattress at the comfort of your home.

Please follow all the steps mentioned above to make your buying process easy. Natural Latex Mattress offers superior quality comfort and has high durability. You will be able to purchase the right product with much ease. If you are willing to skip all these steps and trust a reliable provider, Sleep Spa is the most trusted brand to seek organic latex mattresses. We have listed the products with clear certification and proper descriptions to help you make the right choice.

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