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Lack of Sleep Increases Your Chances Of Getting Delta+ Variant?

Boost your immunity with healthy sleep

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Having proper 7+ hours of undisturbed sleep is important for normal day to day functioning of the body. A night of sound sleep has a direct impact on our immune system, mental and physical health. It puts in a lot of good energy to fight the daily life cycle. It has been more than 1 year since the novel coronavirus entered our lives. It has turned everything upside down. While many aren’t affected much, there are some who have seen a drastic change in their behaviour and life pattern.

Connection of Sleep With a Healthy Life

We don’t give much attention to the fact that more than 1/3rd of our life goes into sleeping. When your sleep pattern is affected, it also just affects your mind & body. It is predicted that Covid-19 third wave has already started and all that we can do is to ensure a healthy life. Good sleep assures a good life and keeps you free from serious health issues like weight gain/loss, heart problems, arthritis, etc.

What Disturbed Sleep Lead to During Pandemic?


Normal functioning of people has changed drastically in all senses, be it economic, mental or physical. The third wave of coronavirus, i.e., Delta+ variant would further trigger issues people have faced in the past year. These issues include-

Anxiety and Stress: Worried about losing their job, struggling with family and relationship issues, not being able to go out when needed, etc. have caused anxiety and stress among people leading to lack of proper sleep and relaxation.

Weight Problems: Not getting proper sleep, means your body hormones and other systems are not functioning properly causing serious weight imbalance. Moreover, junk eating has increased and with work from home, you have to keep sitting throughout the day.

Long working hours: As the majority of offices have shifted to work from home during corona, the workload has increased. Due to lack of time management, we keep sitting the whole day in front of our laptop and try to make peace with the work and stress of the situation.

Too many gadgets: When there is nowhere to go; we have exceeded the use of laptops, tv, smartwatch, gaming apps. All these devices eat into our sleep time aggressively. Also, these gadgets reflect blue light which further signals the brain that it is still daytime. Therefore, you end up losing on your sleep and the body is sleep-deprived.

No workout: There was also a rumour that Coronavirus might be airborne. The new Delta+ variant is highly transmittable which means from March 2020 you are avoiding running, walking or any other workout which may cause exposure to open space. But without any workout, your body becomes stiff and fatigue starts taking over your body.

While these are the reason and causes for Lack of proper sleep during the pandemic, we hope you are also aware of the serious health issues that are attached to insomnia or lack of sleep.

Lack of Sleep Is Affecting Your Immunity

delta+ variant india

Sleep deprivation or lack of proper sleep hours is directly related to your immunity system. During sleep hours, our body secretes protein known as cytokines. Such cytokines are responsible for fighting infection and for bringing in anti-inflammatory properties to our bodies.

This means that lack of 7 hours of undisturbed sleep would result in the body secreting fewer cytokines causing damage to the immune system. Your body becomes prone and vulnerable to virus, flu and other serious health issues. Sleep deprivation is serious and needs your attention, especially during this time when the third wave is quietly knocking on our door. Delta+ variant is known to affect children with low immunity and hence, keeping your focus on undisturbed peaceful sleep every night is important.

A Strong Immunity To Fight Delta+ Variant

Delta+ Variant immunity

It is advisable by all health workers and doctors that a strong immunity system will decrease the chance of getting affected by Delta+ , flu & viruses. To avoid getting infected it is suggested to eliminate the chance of getting a cold, cough or fever. This is only possible when your body is strong enough to fight the virus. Here are a few of the ways that might help you to get proper sleep and a well-built immune system-

1. Give Time To Workout And Physical Activity

Try taking out 30 minutes of time for your workout. Go for a short walk, if not outside, you can walk inside your house or on your terrace. But indulge in some mild exercise so that the body opens up and you can fall asleep easily. Exercise helps you to free up your brain and not think of things that are disturbing you.

covid delta+ variant

2. Sleep Undisturbed and Healthily 

It is not just the workload and stress but also your sleep environment that is responsible for your health and well-being. Sleeping on an uneven mattress leads to toss & turn all night. Make sure you find the right mattress that maintains the proper balance of comfort and support for your sleep. It is high time to invest in a healthy and comfortable mattress that would help you to sleep peacefully and relaxed for 7+ hours and your body is fit and fine to fight the virus.

Lack of sleep means the body is lethargic and tired. Thus chances of fever or other health issues like headache, tiredness, body pain, etc are more. At Sleep Spa, you will get the right mattress for undisturbed sleep which is further sanitized and treated with Herb Fresh technology. Enjoy peaceful sleep on Sleep Spa and get-

  • Herb Fresh Technology mattress: Chemical infused mattresses make you prone to respiratory issues like cold and cough. This makes your body weak and easily predatory to fever. At Sleep Spa, each mattress is made from Herb Fresh technology, so that your sleep environment is fresh and hygienic.
  • Comfort from body-pain: You might be sleep deprived because of your uneven mattress. It might be causing serious back and body pain making you restless for the day. Sleep Spa Back Support mattress will relax your muscles. It will relieve body pain so that you fall asleep as soon as you fall on your bed.

3. Schedule Your Sleep Hours and Work

delta+ variant sleep

Make sure to make a proper sleep hour and work timetable. Stick to the schedule no matter what. One hour of sleep after lunch and a minimum of 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep during the night will reduce stress and anxiety. This will make your mind relaxed and you will be open to other work during the day.

Talk about your problems with your close ones and try discussing things with people around you. At tough times, we all need time and space. Track your sleep and work and divide the hours of the day in such a way that your body is not weak and stressed.

Buy a comfortable, healthy and hygienic mattress for undisturbed sleep today. Get up to 62% Off on Sleep Spa Mattresses with code MONSOON.

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